About Ellen5e

I am known as Ellen5e. I am a Bible believing, saved by grace sinner; Christ following, wife and mother. I am a creative freelance graphic artist and communicator that uses art, design, music and new media to connect and help people.

I am also known as “Eastside Ellen” with the local Indianapolis crowd as I reported weekly about living with and learning about very rare Foreign Accent Syndrome. [just search “fas” in my sites search box to learn more] I really enjoy getting to know people, so say “hi” sometime, okay?

I have good humor and attitude as I deal with whatever new challenge comes my way because God grows me through the trials. I love to sing, play mandolin, guitar and some keyboards. Truly, music is universal and powerful!

I enjoy teaching 4-H Dog Club (Indianapolis, IN) where I have the pleasure of teaching 3rd thru 12th graders how to train their dogs in obedience, agility and showmanship. I’ve even gone to adults homes to help them learn to positively train their dogs. I’ve always had a love for animals and children and their simplistic way of relating (learning and communicating especially in behaviors & nonverbal communication)…it’s fascinating!

My passion is communication! I love connecting with people so that we can help each other out on the Journey called Life.


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