Know Your Dog

(Click on image to enlarge) One of the things that we strive to do in Warren Waggers 4-H Dog Club is to help you to know your dog better. Today we will be looking at the different body parts of your dogs. I am posting a copy of an illustration from your 4-H Wiggles and Wags Handbook here for you to be able to help memorize the body parts on a dog.


Here is a list of all kinds of dog equipment that you may be using as you train your dog through the 4-H Dog Project or even in going to other places and events. You will NOT need ALL of this. But you should keep what you need to go with you in a “show bucket” or “show bag”. I personally like using a sturdy five gallon bucket with the handle (easy to carry) that can be purchased cheaply at a local home building supply store because they even have lids (to keep things in and others out) and can double as a little table or seat (that’s a bonus).
Marking your equipment helps keep things from getting “adopted” by someone else.
Carry only what you will need. KEEP your equipment in the bucket when you are not using it, even at home and it shouldn’t get lost.  Then when it’s time to practice or leave on a trip, everything is in one place.
VET FORM – you must have proof that your dog’s required shot’s are up to date. If you have not yet done so please visit your vet to have them complete & sign your 4-H Vet Form. A new form is required every year.
LEASHES -6 FOOT nylon or leather, retractable, martingale lead (for showmanship)
COLLARS – TRAINING (slip chain or martingale nylon training collar), FLAT BUCKLE (agility NO TAGS), household collar (everyday collar with tags), showmanship martingale lead
TREATS- (small) For example: string cheese, “sausage” pressed (ask Ellen), pieces of hot dog, deli meat pellets or dog cookies. Most important is that is something special that your dog will love and that it is easily carried, given and consumed. Only treat when rewarding for successes. A Ziploc or treat dispenser to carry treats in.
PICK-UP KIT – Poop bags or Ziploc baggies, and some paper towels or napkins.
Toys squeeky, jack, kong, bone, rope, frisbee
Grooming – any kind you use, curry, paddle brush, rubber brush, T-comb single, T- comb double coat, any grooming spray or perfume. Toe nail clippers or file.
First Aid Kit (optional) few bandages, gauze pads & tape, coban (stretchy wrap), and whatever else
Muzzle if used (good training available)
For Advanced Training: Dumbell, Scent Articles
Clicker (if used)
Hand Sanitizer (good idea)
WATER – In a well-sealed bottle, & bowl to drink from or reusable glad containter.
VET FORM – ALWAYS HAVE IT (put it in a large ziploc or page protector.
Armband for Show Number (optional)
CHAIR- camp or folding chairs if not at site.
NOTEBOOK: Paper, pen, calendar
DRINK: waterbottle, juice or whatever. Plus any snack if you need it.
MONEY: If you are going to another show, it’s always good to have a little $.
NOW…. What’s in YOUR bucket? (or bag)
Consider Environment & Weather
Sun/Hot: don’t forget sunscreen & shade.
Rug, mat or floor blanket.
Waterproof tarps for damp ground and for rain cover.
Dog Crate — there are collapsible versions that fold for easy transport. 
Shade — i.e. shade tents, sunbrellas, sheets, blankets.
Ground stakes or sand bags
Rope, string, ribbon
Bungee Cords
Duct Tape
Tarp Clamps
Tools: Hammer, pliars, wrenches, screwdrivers, scissors, wire & cutters. Extra bolts, nuts, zip ties.

Youth Leaders – Club Officers

At the last meeting of Warren Waggers 4-H Dog Club the youth members of the club voted on club officers. The elected officers are as follows:

President – Shelby Trees
Vice Pres. – Kiersten Tuggle
Secretary – Matthew Uhrig
Treasurer – Mackenzie Carr
Sgt. of Arms – James Reed
Hospitality – Melissa Miller
Historian – Erin Lego
Congratulations to you all! Thank you for offering to serve the club by performing the duties of your office. Now, let’s have a great year.