Complete your Online Marion County, INDIANA 4-H Enrollment at:
After enrolling online be sure to print, sign and mail to the address indicated BEFORE May 15th to be able to show at the county fair.
About Warren Waggers 4H Dog Club Dog Club
Our club meets Thursday eves at the Marion County Fairgrounds Exposition Hall 6:30 – 8 pm (April-June) with additional times added by club calendar.
2010 Dog Vet Forms, State Fair Forms, and other Dog Forms at:
County Fair Registration and State Fair Registration are both due July 1, 2010 at their respective places.
Marion County Dog Committee Chair: Sue Barlow: [email protected]
We focus solely on: Obedience, Showmanship, Agility, Poster and other information. We are open to all enrolled Marion County 4H members grade 3 and above.
Bring to Club:
Completed Vet Form – MUST have all required shots up to date
Your Dog – healthy, clean, and not “in season”.
He or she is your partner, so work and play with them throughout the week to have the best experiences.
Your Show Bucket/Bag should include at minimum:
Appropriate collars:
OBEDIENCE- training color (slip chain);
SHOWMANSHIP – Martingale Show Lead;
AGILITY- flat collar with NO tags.
6 Foot leather or nylon leash.
Dog Mess Kit: p/u after your dog
Training treats –
Dog water bowl
water or snacks for yourself
Yourself – be accountable to someone when you can’t make a meeting 😀
Be sure to be wearing sneakers. No flip flops, crocs or such. Safety and movement first.
Please dress casually, but modestly.
If you have any questions please contact
Waggers 4-H Dog Club ON Facebook Leader,
Ellen Spencer.

Waggers Club 2009 Underway

We have begun our 2009 year in 4H Dog Club. Happily we have almost everyone returning from last year. A couple of kids have new dogs this year. On top of that we have several new students. It’s great to meet new kids and their dogs and the parents who bring them.

We are again meeting from 6:30 – 8:30 on Thursday nights at the Marion County Fairgrounds in the 4H building or just outside of it on nicer days. We will have one day (MAY 14th) when we must meet elsewhere; otherwise we will routinely meet here until time to vacate for County Fair Preparation.

If you are joining us for Warren Waggers 4H Dog Club. There are a few things you should know.

1.) ENROLLMENT: This 4H Club is for children grades 3-12 who register for the dog project with 4H through the County Extension Office. However, you may enroll at your first club meeting up until the May 15th deadline. Also, children from neighboring county may join us as long as they enroll with Marion County 4H and do NOT show projects at another county fair.

2) CLASSES: All dog project kids must take part in the obedience aspect of the club. We also teach showmanship and dog agility which are also competitive at the county fair and if you chose, the Indiana State Fair. Also, we encourage each student to also sign up for the dog poster project. We are easily learning enough about dogs through the year as to make this an easy project for them to complete and compete.

3) ANIMAL CARE: Animals coming to club MUST BE CURRENT ON ALL OF THERE VACCINATIONS. There is a 4H Veterinarian form available at this link or may be obtained at club. NO ANIMAL MAY attend a club meeting without proof of current vaccinations. The completed designated form is required by the 4H organization and needs to be signed by your veterinarian. Any dog showing signs of illness, in “season”, showing signs of fleas or other physical disability should not come to club, however the child may attend without the animal during its recuperation so as to stay up to date on training sessions.

4) BEHAVIOR: The main objective of our club is to train obedience. Not that we leaders are training the animals. Rather, that we leaders teach the kids how to train their own animals. The 4Hers are to be the principle caretakers of the animals. They learn responsibility, animal care and training skills, and record keeping. They grow in confidence as “masters” of their animals. The animals develop skills of obedience and being a good canine citizen. It is a wonderful process to witness and be a part of.

a) 4H enrollment form and enrollment fee
b) Vet Form — http://www.four-h.purdue.edu/downloads/Dog/4H671W.pdf.
c) Marion County 4H Fair Dog Show pre-enrollment – Due June 15th
d) Indiana State 4H Dog Show Enrollment form (optional)
e) Dog Record Sheet

6) RESULTS: We have fun learning by doing!!
We have a new “pack” each year. Each 4Her and animal are a team. All 4Hers and their animals form a family unit “pack”. The parents usually stay and socialize with each other and participate with some of the club activities, and all of us together are THE WARREN WAGGERS 4H DOG CLUB!

If you need more information, just leave a comment with your email and I will contact you back.