A Chance to Win a Pocket Video Camera

I was given a nice bit of information today. So in all fairness, I am turning around and sharing that free information with you. Here is a chance to win a great little piece of technology. Check it out at Creative. The actual contest can be seen at one of the blogs I follow called AsTheyGrowUp. These are good examples of how web2.0 can get news out about people and products. Good luck to us all!

Image of VadoTM Pocket Video Camera from Creative Website link.

Update: 2 Arrested in Car Crash

Local television stations are reporting more details about last night’s crash. James Hopkins, 21 of Indianapolis, and a female passenger were arrested for the incident. They reported that they had been carjacked. This is also what I had heard first from his mother when she spoke with me last night across from scene. WTHR news is reporting that the story they told appears to be not exactly true.

As it turns out, Mr. Hopkins should not have been out driving at all because he was under house arrest. Though I have yet to see the scene in the daylight, the reports are saying that a bush, a pine tree and a gas meter were the major damages done by the vehicle. The house was spared from major damage and no injuries were reported.