Halloween Best

DrKarl+BrideSmaller What was YOUR best Halloween costume?

I have always enjoyed creative things and that combined with the idea of doing that and going around and collecting candy or monetary awards, well, that was just icing on the cake.

One of my best costumes was my unique spin on BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. You see, as a result of getting hit by a car in 1987 (see link for more info_  ) I had over thirty surgeries to my left foot, ankle leg, knee.  A couple of these surgeries resulted in the application of an external fixator. Many people call it a “halo” —I’ll take a halo any way I can get it apparently. LOL.

I joked around and called it a rotisserie because it had many wires running through my leg, between muscles and bones…like a chicken. It’s purpose was to hold the surgically placed pieces in place while I healed. Since I found myself in this contraption during Halloween, I decided to find a way to creatively use it. I would be the most realistic Bride of Frankenstein that many had ever seen!

Here is a photo of me posing with my surgeon Dr. Karl Raynor as the Bride of Frankenstein! I had a real electrodes strapped to me and working with my TENS unit (used to help with pain) with it’s flashing lights on my belt (not seen in the photo).

You should have seen all the people at the Walmart and on the street trying to figure out how I got those wires to look like they were passing right through my leg.  When someone was brave enough to ask, I told them that it looked real because it WAS real. Then I had to laugh as some of those same people looked like they were gonna faint.

I did get runner up at one party (held at a downtown brewery). The first place winner was an adult male wearing a diaper and a bib with a fake appendage sticking out through one of the leg holes. Give me a break!! I said “BREAK” not as in relief NOT as in another broken bone. . . thank you very much.

Please comment and let me know: What was YOUR best Halloween costume?

Laughter is the Best Medicine, Right?

This morning I was interviewed by our local Indianapolis radio station WIBC. Big Joe and Terri Stacey have both seen and talked with me at radio events in the past, so they know that this new voice is not my regular voice. They are as facinated by this strange occurence as I am.

This foreign accent syndrome is so quite an interesting phenomena!!  There are many different videos about it on YouTube even tho it is so rare as to have only 100 people in the world with it. Apparently, it is so rare that not many regular doctors have heard about it before either.

They asked if I would come on the morning show with them to discuss this recent verbal U-turn in my life and I was more than happy to. I can think of nothing better than to share this rare occurance with my friends and neighbors over the 50,000 watts (or however big an area it is now), so that more people are made aware.

Also, as it is happening to me, I totally trust these dear radio personalities, because I have seen the love in their hearts for the community expressed over and over again. So I trust them to ask me whatever they want and I will answer it! They both are witty as well, so we can also have fun and laugh a bit, so as not to get bogged down with some kind of gravity of the situation. It is out of my control. I do NOT know if I will get my regular voice back, or if I will be continuing to sound like a world traveler that has never really gone anywhere.

This interview was a very good one — balancing out the bizareness with the scientific wonder as well as keeping it light with humor. Way to go Terri and Joe   click this link to listen>> .wibcinterview090526

What’s Your Favorite Color?

The question of the week from a friend is
“what does your favorite color say about you?” My answer is PURPLE. That is my favorite color. A deep royal purple along with a vibrant fuschia are my very favorite colors.

I don’t know what it really says about me. I know that many people feel that purple is the color of royalty, but I don’t consider myself to be especially aristocratic or even comfortable with snobbery.

I do think it is interesting that purple is made from the combination of red and blue. Ever since I can remember I have been artistically interested in the way in which colors are made. Red is a hot color and blue a cool one, so if you mix the two you get this lovely “I can be both! ” That is one way of looking at it I suppose.

Purple is found in grapes, beautiful mountain scenery, and the crocus flowers which emerge from the still falling snow to testify to the promise that Spring is not far away. Amathyst is a purple stone that is assigned to my February birth month. A deep purple velvet shows off sparkling jewelry like brilliant stars against a God’s velvety night sky. Purple can be soothing like lavender or bold like a banner.

Yes, purple is my favorite color and I think it says that I am flexible. Neither the hot-tempered demanding red, or apathetic cold blue… I am understanding and approachable; a caring, passionate purple : )

How’s that for an answer JoJo? If you are reading this, will you please comment on what is your favorite color and what does it say about you?