Stand Strong: fight evil with good


God help us! Exercising wisdom is even more important when such evil events as these [Paris bombings and shootings, ISIS barbaric slaughtering, and senseless murders like that of Amanda Blackburn] stir us into considerations of retaliation.   Naturally our inner being cries out “Why?!!” and “they’ve gotta pay for this!” Justice is a Godly trait found in mankind… but God also teaches us to trust His ways over our own so that matters are not amplified by our impromptu, even well-intentioned foolishness.

It takes great restraint at such times as this! It truly is more than we can bear! That’s right; don’t you think history shows that these things drive people to search out the Almighty? Doesn’t it cause people, tribes and nations to fall before Him, broken beyond any human help, souls crying out to the God who has been longing to save them from the power of sin over their lives? Such horrific events are redeemed by the redemption of previously lost souls.

God help us all to respond in the Spirit as Jesus demonstrated with His life and teachings in the Holy Scriptures. Self-sacrificing, obeying God’s instruction and loving even those who persecured him, Jesus showed compassion for the people, and stood up against the pious and evil with the truth and love.

Likewise, we can face evil with preparedness and the steadfastness in God, faith, hope and love. Jesus said we can do this to. Being a true Christian means we strive to be like Him. It is easy to forget how very much Jesus was a “man of sorrows, aquainted with grief”…scorned, rejected…persecuted. Are we willing to do that? Really?

If so, we must remember it is not accomplished in our power, oh no, it is God’s and His alone. His truth assures us. His love encourages us. His Holy Spirit empowers us. How else would it be possible to go on?

Only through Jesus and the work accomplished on the cross, can we even see that God forgives every sin that is delivered to the washing of His blood. God is a delivering God! His forgiveness is far beyond our human, justice-demanding understanding. Truth is: ALL of us have sinned against holy God and deserve to die. Praise God, His mercy provided the payment for my sins at Calvary! Have you received that precious gift?

I pray for all those suffering, including those deceived by the lies of ISIS, who both willingly and unwillingly serve the evil which damages so many lives, including their own.

Unfortunately, there have been and will be further innocent lives lost in the battle between good and evil. Jesus’ sacrifice showed that such things are not outside God’s plan to overcome. He uses even these tragedies for God’s greater glory.

Not one of his lambs is lost. Some are moved from this world to their heavenly home sooner as God deems best. We who choose not to reject His lordship can be sure that we remain in His care throughout all eternity. Our beloved will be missed here on earth, but we can only imagine the utter fulfillment they are experiencing in their heavenly home. Comfort is felt when we look forward with even more anticipation to be rejoicing with them in the future.

My prayer is that every life lost has a soul ready to meet the Almighty, face-to-face, and give an answer for how they lived when He delivers the true judgement and makes all things right again.

There WILL be true justice, comfort, and endless goodness for those who live as our Maker intends. There will be holy retribution delivered to the deceitful, wicked and evildoers. It just isn’t likely to be realized in the world we live in filled with evil.

Shouldn’t we pray all the harde? Should we not pray with more fervency…more turning to God for His direction, mercies and power to persevere in seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly with our Lord…inasmuch as it depends on us, live at peace with all men…be a good reflection of Christ to the world? After all, this is not just a physical/emotional/political battle but a hightening spiritual war. Just as from man’s beginning in the garden, Satan’s evil is working to get man to act selfishly, in his own power, without regard to God and fellow man.

God’s Word tells us that spiritual battles are only won spiritually… best fought by every child of God being ready and equipped: suited up in full armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18), standing in unity through prayer and enpowered by the Holy Spirit. God promised that His Church will not be overcome even if all hell comes against it. So, God help us, let’s STAND STRONG and give glory to God who is our all in all.

Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!

Let the Church of God be a strong tower for those struggling in walking by faith and a bright beacon to shatter the darkness.


Increasing Interest in Foreign Accent Syndrome

Hey everyone!  I have some great
news… first off, earlier in the year a young lady who contacted me via Twitter, then email and eventually interviewed me, wrote a research paper for class and blogged about Foreign Accent Syndrome. I will attach the link to it since it was so good.
Then this evening I had a cousin message me that a big college professor is fascinated and may be using some of my materials for his class!
This is encouraging as so many more people are helped when more educators teach the truth about that Foreign Accent Syndrome is a real, neurological, brain malfunction and press for further research and proper diagnosis and treatment.

CLICK HERE for links found on FAS blog

I really hope that the information that V and I are both eager to share with others will go beyond raising an interested eyebrow of the curious. Hopefully this will ignite further study in the medical and scientific communities, and most especially in the areas of neuroscience, brain and language. The more people that learn the truth from those of us living with Foreign Accent, the faster and better will be the scientific development of hypotheses, the greater impact that might be realized to benefit those who have FAS and those as yet undiagnosed.
On top of that I have talked by phone with two brand new cases that are now people who are feeling a bit less traumatized by instantly feeling understood by speaking with me and knowing they are neither alone or crazy.
There are so many more people to reach and teach 😉

Hope in Troubled Times

    A good deal of my morning has been in prayer for people effected by the devastation of earthquakes (Nepal), volcanic eruptions (Chili) and tornadoes (most recently in Texas and other places). 

  Natural disasters around the globe can point us to examine the chaos in our own lives. Whether global or personal, there is a hope and help. There is a merciful purpose in every single moment of our lives.

  As I was praying, the emphasis kept centering on the TIME aspect of it all. We are never guaranteed the next second of life, a home or family, nor food, water and medical care. We are not promised that anyone else will find us in our trouble and save us…BUT GOD. God in His mercy, does miracles. It is often after such obvious catastrophes as those listed above that we realize our deepest needs and are truly thankful for many blessings that we naturally take for granted. Chief among those blessings is time.

  I am praying for the strength of the rescuers, the care of the wounded and recovery all-around. Yet, I most fervently pray for the time. The time is NOW! As people sacrifice rest and personal care for themselves while franticly removing rubble and debris in search of the lost, I pray for time. Time to make the most important decision of their lives. I pray that every single soul will get their help from the only One who can give it now and forevermore.

  I weep: for the lost, the hurting and the rescuers who know that there aren’t enough human resources to find and save them all; the gut-wrenching decisions that must be made as they triage and allocate resources; the rescuers needs for clarity, strength and stamina.

  At such times as this…I am humbled by what I personally think are pressing problems in my own life. My problems are only slight inconveniences in comparison. I am ashamed and repent of such ingratitude. I am disgusted by my failings of trying to manage my own life and not making better use of time. 

  No more! This morning I place a stake in the ground! Right here; right now…I proclaim it as God has revealed it, “God is LORD of all…and there is no other!”.

  This morning, realizing that my own human frailties are significant, that my will is not always in line with God’s will, I do what I know to do…examine where I am, right now, in relation to God and PRAY! 

  God gives NEW HOPE with each new day. I turn with renewed vigor to the One who made everything and uses every moment to bring about His purposes for His glory and our good.

  God’s mercy has been given & is being shown, even at this moment. God’s lovingkindness is flowing out of His people’s hands and mouths across the globe. God’s hope is eternal and will not be thwarted by any natural or man-made disaster, nor evil schemes or movements. 

  The people of God’s church (and that includes me) have a role to play in all this. We are instructed to tell of and show God’s love while keeping in contact with God. After all, a conduit can only channel resources when it remains plugged into the source. Every one of us can best use the time we are afforded to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, physically assist how we can, and pray. We can pray with thanksgiving for God’s mercy and saving grace and pray with urgency that those who are lost or trapped will receive the help they need…and in time. 

**A hope that is offered and not received leaves one hopeless.  A hope that is held and not shared, may leave others hopeless. I will offer and share hope.**–e5e