Shadows Along the Way

I ponder about the depression that so oft’ besets the person with chronic pain. It is a darkness that seems consuming … inescapable … threatening to swallow us up in its blackness of uncaring loneliness.

To be in the shadows is to have all the joy sucked out of every aspect of my life. It is the fear of the unknown. The realization that I can’t stay in this place. It is drudgery, bleakness and hopelessness. Or is it???

You see… I believe that the shadow can be seen in another way. As I acknowledge the shadow for that which it truly is, I needn’t fear. For a shadow is simply a result of a light shining beyond an obstacle. It is not solid and cannot hurt me. It has no course of its own. No ill intent against me personally. It simply exists to testify that there is a great light nearby. It is the light that has the power; not the shadow.

Walking down the pathway of my life and journey through pain, I experience the shadows of depression stretching toward me from time to time. However, if I remember the insight above I can overcome the despair of the shadows and realize the hope that is there.

For, if the shadow is reaching toward me, and I face it, I know that I am heading in the Light direction. The darker that the shadow appears, the more intense is the light that forms it.
My friend, I pray that you remember these words and draw upon the encouragement that is intended to help you as we travel this path together. Experience the joy as we draw closer to the light!