Halloween Best

DrKarl+BrideSmaller What was YOUR best Halloween costume?

I have always enjoyed creative things and that combined with the idea of doing that and going around and collecting candy or monetary awards, well, that was just icing on the cake.

One of my best costumes was my unique spin on BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. You see, as a result of getting hit by a car in 1987 (see link for more info_  ) I had over thirty surgeries to my left foot, ankle leg, knee.  A couple of these surgeries resulted in the application of an external fixator. Many people call it a “halo” —I’ll take a halo any way I can get it apparently. LOL.

I joked around and called it a rotisserie because it had many wires running through my leg, between muscles and bones…like a chicken. It’s purpose was to hold the surgically placed pieces in place while I healed. Since I found myself in this contraption during Halloween, I decided to find a way to creatively use it. I would be the most realistic Bride of Frankenstein that many had ever seen!

Here is a photo of me posing with my surgeon Dr. Karl Raynor as the Bride of Frankenstein! I had a real electrodes strapped to me and working with my TENS unit (used to help with pain) with it’s flashing lights on my belt (not seen in the photo).

You should have seen all the people at the Walmart and on the street trying to figure out how I got those wires to look like they were passing right through my leg.  When someone was brave enough to ask, I told them that it looked real because it WAS real. Then I had to laugh as some of those same people looked like they were gonna faint.

I did get runner up at one party (held at a downtown brewery). The first place winner was an adult male wearing a diaper and a bib with a fake appendage sticking out through one of the leg holes. Give me a break!! I said “BREAK” not as in relief NOT as in another broken bone. . . thank you very much.

Please comment and let me know: What was YOUR best Halloween costume?

Crazy Bird Fever Scare

Something  MUST be done!  33OliverOnCageDoor

Theres a new problem with our 10 year old male Patagonian conure. He has always been a very good and healthy boy, but I went to pick him up a couple of days ago and his right foot had some red at the ankle. I thought it was blood from maybe a pulled blood feather, cleaned him up and found no source on examining him.

Yesterday, his foot was red again,,, it looked more pinkish red but was a mess. I noticed some red digested food under his favorite perch and that his food bowl was empty (unusual) and thought he might have gone down there to eat? Cleaned him up, examined his foot area again. Nothing more.

Today, he’s done it again. Appears maybe that he is regurgitating?! He eats the pelleted fruit colored food, some of which is that red color. However, I also have concerns over the possibility of his shredding the newspaper tunnels that we make for him that he loves to play in. One of the later papers used did have some red ink on the paper. But I removed that days ago, when trying to figure out how his foot got red.

Oliver is really missing his paper tunnels to play in, but I must get to the source of what’s going on with him. He is acting like his usual self otherwise. Though I am a bit puzzled by this sticky, gloppy, reddish pink that keeps ending up all over his right foot which is his favored foot for head grooming and preening. I also did find traces of the substance around his beak, but not his vents or eyes. Tonight my daughter pointed out a good size glob on his open cage door. I used a wooden craft stick to scoop into a baggie to take to vet in the a.m. if she needs to see it and Oliver is clean at the time.


Bird vet informed me that what Oliver is doing is um…er… well, he’s displaying his desire to help create some babies. The regurgitation is supposed to be attractive (believe it or not). Although this has NEVER happened before.

Here in Indy we’ve had an unusually tropical and long spring/summer and into fall. About mid year I began making these newspaper tent/tunnels on the top of his cage that he enjoys playing in and shredding. Although some people are concerned that the inks used in newspaper could be toxic, the vet told me that years ago the toxic inks were removed to protect even people who were eating newspaper!

So the weather and the availability of a “nest” helped launch Oliver into hormonal overload.  The end result? No more tunnels for Oliver because I don’t need a frustrated bird on my hands. He doesn’t like cold showers and I’m not really into turning this place into a LOVE nest for conures. No thank you!

The choir was good but not that good. The preacher was inspirational but I just still couldn’t understand. To have witnessed the way Bryant broke down in the church service was not normal. His emotions were overwhelming. The flowing tears, while natural in some church settings, were not in line with the way the others in the congregation responded.

I questioned Bryant afterwards to find out what just exactly he was feeling. His response was insightful and my suspicions were correct. It wasn’t necessarily what was said or experienced in the church service that caused such a response. Instead, it was the memory of a departed loved one. The church reminded Bryant of the service in which another young person was memorialized. To Bryant, the only thing that the church functioned as was a place to bury people.

When the church has become a place of bad memories to a segment of society like youth, the church is in danger of being irrelevant.

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