Baby Jonah and Family

Listen to God Will Make a Way — I apologize for not getting this update sooner today, but news will be a bit more spread out over the near future as the Silverbergs will tell you in today’s update. I really wish that they were near where I live so that our church people could take turns helping them with child care and cribside watch and prayer. As it is I am specifically praying for God to move specifically in this area of caretaking. This family is being spread out and apart due to circumstances and it seems like it would be better for their family if they could be together. Still I know that as the song goes “God will make a way; where there seems to be no way,” and that is supported in Scripture. I am clinging to what I know to be true about God walking us through trials for benefit of not only ourselves, but those around who watch our reactions to trials; all for the glory of God.

Here is the update letter from Jonah’s daddy:

Dear Praying family,

We just want to say thank You so very much for your prayers and your patience w/ us as we have sent so many e-mails.

We would like to say you have prayed Jonah thru this, but he is not thru this yet. Your prayers have certainly made a big difference, and our Lord’s Grace and Mercy has sustained us and Jonah.

Jonah is still in critical care, not conscious, and on the ventilator, but we believe he is doing better.

He has received wonderful round the clock care at Montefiore Childrens Hospitol. When he improves some more, he will be moved from the 10th floor to the 8th floor, where he will not receive the same care. Valerie will have to be there 24 hours a day,or we will have to pay someone to stay w/ him. Remember, we have 3 other children and Joshy, who is 10, has a very hard to handle case of Autism. We haven’t figured out what to do yet, and would appreciate your continued prayer, as we can’t run the family 24 hours w/o Val, and we don’t have the money to pay anyone.

I will not continue to send updates daily, but every few days, unless there is something important to report.

Thank you again so very much for your precious prayers.

In Christ’s Love,

PS- Pray for me, the ice shoveling Tuesday and snow shoveling today have taken a toll on me.

Thank you ALL for praying for this dear family. It is going to be essential as these dear ones continue through this challenging season. I will update as soon as I hear anything new. In the meantime we can be assured that even when we don’t know the details God ALWAYS does!

Drained and Resting

Our little friend Jonah is showing some signs of improvement! I hope you are as blessed by these reports as I am. It is such a lovely thing to enter into the fellowship of prayer. No wonder it is often spoken of as a sweet aroma to God’s nostrils.

Here is today’s note from the Silverbergs:

Dear Praying Friends,
PTL, it seems that Jonah is making small progress. Three drainage tubes were taken out of his chest yesterday, with some minor damage to his insides. He remains somewhat stable, still on the ventilator and feeding tube. He is mostly unconscious. No other major heart or blood pressure problems. We hope and trust the little guy is healing. He’s been thru quite an ordeal. Jonah is now 22 days old.
Please continue to pray with us and for us.

In Christ’s Love,
Marty for Val

I am going to pray that Jonah’s body will continue to normalize in relation to his heart and that the entire family can REST for a bit in the surpassing peace that only God can give! Surely, little Jonah’s battle has been and is being a powerful testimony to not only to the unsaved, but slso as an encouragement to those of us who so often fail to see the many blessings that God favors us with every moment!

May we make each and every moment be filled with thanksgiving for all that God is!!

Jonah the Weekend Warrior

The last we had heard, Baby Jonah was having surgery at 1 PM last Friday. I watched people praying with me thriughout FaceBook and Twitter. Part of what I personally have a passion for is praying and relaying via IndyChristian Media using the technology of the worldwide web in connection with the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish the Great Commission of God. Thanks to all of you who read this and join in my personal passions of 5e: exalt, equip, edify, examine and evangelize.

I know that many people have been prompting me for news, but I simply didn’t have any until right now. Although it is difficult not to worry over a weekend without updates about dear ones for which we pray. Thanks be to God, He never stops blessing the prayers we lift up even when they are vague but filled with sincerity. The news is good in that our tiny little warrior continues to battle grave circumstances with God’s strength.

Here’s the update:

Jonah’s surgery went well Friday and his chest was closed.
He had some serious and dangerous Blood Pressure issues, but after a lot of intervention, those were resolved.
Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were good days with no additional issues, PTL.
He is still very critical and on a ventilator and by no means is he out of danger or doing well, but we are very thankful for where he is at.

In Christ’s love,
Marty and Val

Marty and Val have access to view your comments, so please leave a comment of encouragement, or just that you are praying. What Scriptures do you believe speak to you and them right now? What part of the world do you call home? I know there are people worldwide who are tune with this story; however you writing it here may be a testimony for all to see! All for the glory of God!