Good Friday Poem

Looking at the Cross

A poem for Good Friday by Ellen5e

As I look up at the cross I see,
The Guiltless Lamb who died for me.
I see the thorns that adds to the pain,
In the form of a crown. His born for my gain.

It is hard to look upon those stripes
so bloody & wide, deep & thin,
Not that they were undeserved,
but just payment for MY sin.

So how is it that Jesus is up there,
while I remain unscathed?
Because of what He Himself has said…
“There is NO OTHER WAY”!

The sky grew dark, the thunder rolled,
the very earth shook;  rock and stone,
The penalty paid;  “It is Finished” crossed His lips,
and the furious wrath of God was shown.

Indeed the innermost veil of the temple
was torn by God above,
Not only was God’s wrath poured out
But Grace,  such undeserving Love.

God was supplying His very own Son.
Jesus came as both sacrifice and priest;
that we might be reconciled to God,
and partake in the Passover Feast.

Don’t you see what’s been done here?
What a great price has been paid!
When all the sins of the world,
were upon Jesus Christ laid.

And He willingly bore them,
out of His perfecting love,
that we might be with Him
forever and in eternity above.


Please join me Dear Friend in honoring what took place on this Good Friday!
He who was without sin became sin for us so that we might become the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ our Lord!

Blessing and Honor and Glory to the Lamb who was slain, forever and ever- Amen.

©2011E5e attribution rights reserved

Three Months of Struggling

This is rather urgent request for prayer for little baby Jonah Silverberg who has struggled almost his entire three months of life. Please join with us in prayer and see what the Lord is doing in the lives of those who are prayed for as well as those who pray!

Dear Praying Family,

Thank you for your continued prayer, love,support and encouagement.
Jonah has contracted a Sepsis infection in his blood. He has had many transfusions.
The source of the infection has not been determined.
He has been very close to death 2 times this week.
The Lord is also very close to him, and us as well.
We are trusting in Christ, who loves us all so very much.

Jonah is being treated with anti biotics.
Just seeking more prayer, hoping your Church may receive this in time to pray as a Church.
So glad to have you as our supporters.
So glad to have the Mission, BMM, so strongly behind us, there for us.

Looking forward to a good time of worshiping our Lord, and ministering to our Church family.

Thanks again, so very much. It’s been a long hard journey. Jonah has been thru so very much,
it really hurts to see him have to struggle so. He can be in no better place, as in the will of Jesus.
Nor can any of us.

We love you dearly,
In Christ’s Love,
Marty for Val

I am posting this from my church in hopes that you will have time to pray in yours.

Hope is Springing Forth for Baby Jonah

Here is an update on Baby Jonah still fighting  against so many health trials. If you have not been one of those regularly following the story of baby Jonah and the Silverberg family, you can just search on this site for “baby Jonah” and you can read all that the Lord is doing and the specific prayers that are ongoing as well as those that have been answered in mighty ways.

As of April 5th…2011

Dear Praying Family,
We are ever so greatful to you all for your prayers for us and our baby.
We went thru some dark days, as it looked again that we would lose Jonah,
but God has answered our prayers once again.
Jonah is still running a fever, but is mildly improving.
There is talk of possibly releasing him to a rehab hospital in Westchester,
in possibly as little as a month, or as long as 6 months.
We look forward to this, yet the challenge of having Jonah an hour away, instead of a few minutes
is one we have no idea how to work out logistically with considerations of the entire families needs.
We are still completely on our own in regards to staying w/ Jonah at the hospital and caring for our
other 3 children.
This has been a most difficult and challenging time in our lives.
The Lord has supplied us w/ strength, although at times it seems we are not able to rise to the callenges,
but God is with us.
Thank you so much for your continued prayers for Jonah’s recovery and for our family.
Jonah is 14 weeks old today. He is still in ICU.
In Christ’s love,
Marty for Val Silverberg