Hope in Troubled Times

    A good deal of my morning has been in prayer for people effected by the devastation of earthquakes (Nepal), volcanic eruptions (Chili) and tornadoes (most recently in Texas and other places). 

  Natural disasters around the globe can point us to examine the chaos in our own lives. Whether global or personal, there is a hope and help. There is a merciful purpose in every single moment of our lives.

  As I was praying, the emphasis kept centering on the TIME aspect of it all. We are never guaranteed the next second of life, a home or family, nor food, water and medical care. We are not promised that anyone else will find us in our trouble and save us…BUT GOD. God in His mercy, does miracles. It is often after such obvious catastrophes as those listed above that we realize our deepest needs and are truly thankful for many blessings that we naturally take for granted. Chief among those blessings is time.

  I am praying for the strength of the rescuers, the care of the wounded and recovery all-around. Yet, I most fervently pray for the time. The time is NOW! As people sacrifice rest and personal care for themselves while franticly removing rubble and debris in search of the lost, I pray for time. Time to make the most important decision of their lives. I pray that every single soul will get their help from the only One who can give it now and forevermore.

  I weep: for the lost, the hurting and the rescuers who know that there aren’t enough human resources to find and save them all; the gut-wrenching decisions that must be made as they triage and allocate resources; the rescuers needs for clarity, strength and stamina.

  At such times as this…I am humbled by what I personally think are pressing problems in my own life. My problems are only slight inconveniences in comparison. I am ashamed and repent of such ingratitude. I am disgusted by my failings of trying to manage my own life and not making better use of time. 

  No more! This morning I place a stake in the ground! Right here; right now…I proclaim it as God has revealed it, “God is LORD of all…and there is no other!”.

  This morning, realizing that my own human frailties are significant, that my will is not always in line with God’s will, I do what I know to do…examine where I am, right now, in relation to God and PRAY! 

  God gives NEW HOPE with each new day. I turn with renewed vigor to the One who made everything and uses every moment to bring about His purposes for His glory and our good.

  God’s mercy has been given & is being shown, even at this moment. God’s lovingkindness is flowing out of His people’s hands and mouths across the globe. God’s hope is eternal and will not be thwarted by any natural or man-made disaster, nor evil schemes or movements. 

  The people of God’s church (and that includes me) have a role to play in all this. We are instructed to tell of and show God’s love while keeping in contact with God. After all, a conduit can only channel resources when it remains plugged into the source. Every one of us can best use the time we are afforded to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, physically assist how we can, and pray. We can pray with thanksgiving for God’s mercy and saving grace and pray with urgency that those who are lost or trapped will receive the help they need…and in time. 

**A hope that is offered and not received leaves one hopeless.  A hope that is held and not shared, may leave others hopeless. I will offer and share hope.**–e5e

The Saturday Before Easter

Sad Pre-Easter Lillies

Saturday’s Stunned Silence




It was a day of stunned silence
After the horrors of the cross.
How could God let this happen?
We were all left at a loss

With no logical explanation
For taking a life so pure.
Injustice was swift and deadly,
That much was for sure.

That day was strangely silent
Birds didn’t sing like other days.
Even flowers drooped their heads in grief
In the tomb his body laid.

Our precious Lord was taken.
Our dearest friend was lost,
Followers left alone in anguish.
It was much too great a cost.

In silence we acknowledged
The things which had taken place,
While our hearts were still left longing
To look again upon Jesus’ face.

In truth He often told us
These things just had to be.
Our Saviour paid the terrible price
For the sins of you and me.

Yes Saturday was sadly silent
Such a solemn grieving day,
But we now know what would happen
At the dawn of the brand new day!

2015.04.04 E5e

… Just like resurrection morning; we look with anticipation to the time of our Lord’s return.