Summer is here. Praise the Lord….I like the free time…outdoor swimming and the heat. It is time to blog as well and work on editorials. I’m looking forward to putting this all together and eventually compiling this material into a new book. So lets get it started. This is a short blog but sweet.
Recently my research has focused on the role of the African-American in end time developments. For instance, African nations were very instrumental in the beginning of the Bible. To understand the end, we must focus on the beginning. The things that have been is that which shall be…and there is nothing new under the sun. The Canaanites were descendants of Ham, one of Noah’s three sons. The three sons were Ham, Shem and Japheth. Ham was the father of the blacks, Shem was the fathers of the Jews and Japheth was the father of whites according to common Biblical belief. The Jews were given Canaan, the promised land. Before this land was transferred to Israel, it belonged to the black nation of Canaan.
The philosophy endorsed by many Hip-hop artist that the black man is god comes from this train of thought. Jay Z goes by the name Hova which is short for Jehovah. More about this in subsequent blogs.

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