6 Weeks: The Struggles Continue

If you have not been following this story, please read all the previous posts by searching “Baby Jonah” in the site’s search box.

This has situation continues to take a physical and emotional toll on the entire Silverberg family. So I encourage all of us to remain diligent in praying for them.

Dear praying Family,
No news is good news. Jonah has had a relatively quiet time since I last wrote. He is still very sick. He has a fever, is still on the ventilator, and is not conscious much, which may be better for him. They tried to put anew main “pick line” in him for medicines but could not get it in. After three hours of poking holes in him they gave up. Other than that, all is relatively well, for now. Please keep praying as he is far from being out of trouble.

Val is doing OK, except for exhaustion. I am having a very bad time w/ my hands and arms from shoveling. Painful, jarring, numbness, which won’t subside. Rest of spine and body in misery as well. Also exhausted. Josh, Shakinah and Josiah are having a very hard time with this continued situation. Please pray for us, especially Shakinah.   
Jonah is 6 weeks old today. Time flies, yet it has been a very long, hard 6 weeks. We do praise the Lord that Jonah is alive and God has used you to be a huge blessing to us thru this difficult time, which continues.
In Christ’s love,
Marty for Va

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