Personally, I have not been actively involved in Faith Hope and Love International before. In fact, it was the very fact that I had heard of Faith Hope and Love Week only in passing in years past that caused me to seek out more information about FHL International.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find very much information and what I did find was not easy to get to. Therefore, when a good brother in Christ told me of an upcoming planning meeting for FHL, I jumped at the chance to go learn from the core.

Since I have a passion for people, specifically connecting with people, I went to the meeting to see why it was that there had not been much publicity for this upcoming 4th annual event. Before you know it… I’m in the deep water. That’s right. I’m all in!

Though there is added pressure due to time constraints, I hit the ground running and gave it my best.

After about ten days from when I got involved with FHL, a terrible storm blew through and took out our cable service. We were less than 2 weeks away from FHL Week and I had not telephone, TV (no big loss there) and NO internet service. Yikes!!

It seems that I am being tested to put my actions where my mouth is. Time to walk the talk. I was incredibly impatient as I watched the days tick off the calendar with still no service. It wasn’t until Sunday (almost a week) that the cable guy came and repaired the damaged cable outside. Now, I was very behind… bordering on swamped.

All the while it was as if God were saying, ” Do you trust me?” Either I would admit that God IS in control of EVERYTHING or I could just get worked over by frustration and stress of things not going my way. I choose the former.

So, my friends, though what I would LIKE to get accomplished will not get done. Though what does get worked on will not be to the degree of perfection that I may have aspired to…. yet will I glory in my Lord, for He has never forsaken me.

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