Jonah the Weekend Warrior

The last we had heard, Baby Jonah was having surgery at 1 PM last Friday. I watched people praying with me thriughout FaceBook and Twitter. Part of what I personally have a passion for is praying and relaying via IndyChristian Media using the technology of the worldwide web in connection with the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish the Great Commission of God. Thanks to all of you who read this and join in my personal passions of 5e: exalt, equip, edify, examine and evangelize.

I know that many people have been prompting me for news, but I simply didn’t have any until right now. Although it is difficult not to worry over a weekend without updates about dear ones for which we pray. Thanks be to God, He never stops blessing the prayers we lift up even when they are vague but filled with sincerity. The news is good in that our tiny little warrior continues to battle grave circumstances with God’s strength.

Here’s the update:

Jonah’s surgery went well Friday and his chest was closed.
He had some serious and dangerous Blood Pressure issues, but after a lot of intervention, those were resolved.
Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were good days with no additional issues, PTL.
He is still very critical and on a ventilator and by no means is he out of danger or doing well, but we are very thankful for where he is at.

In Christ’s love,
Marty and Val

Marty and Val have access to view your comments, so please leave a comment of encouragement, or just that you are praying. What Scriptures do you believe speak to you and them right now? What part of the world do you call home? I know there are people worldwide who are tune with this story; however you writing it here may be a testimony for all to see! All for the glory of God!

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