Another day full of miracles.

Merlin Reports:

I had the opportunity to worship with the Carmel-Westfield area. They had several projects (Mercy, kindness, service) all around town. New relationships started among the volunteers and with the recipients of services. A simple act of kindness such as giving away watermelon to people made a lot of difference in the community.

The Gas station outreach (pumping gas and cleaning windshield) in Castleton was a big hit once again. I saw mother and son working together. Some customers were amazed at the service they received from volunteers. They were very appreciative of the volunteers taking day off to serve them unconditionally.

There were volunteers from people who needed community service hours from the city. They helped out sort donations at Horizon House in downtown Indy.

Prayer Trailer at 10th/Rural was a big hit. I met a sister in Christ who has a ministry in the area and has a heart to reach out to the businesses along Pendleton Pike Men’s Club. We prayed for many people who are hungry to know more about Jesus.

Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) received lots of help from dozens of youth (Weeks of Hope) from West Virginia, Texas, Wisconsin and Kentucky. From the word of Donna Belding, Executive Director of IHN, “You do not know how it’s going to shake (FHL) out but it always works out’.

A group of business men/women went to help serve dinner at Wheeler Mission. Nora-Castleton ended the day at First Baptist Church Food Pantry. At the end of the day, I drove by the house that is being rehabbed by the Noblesville-Fishers area. The siding is halfway done. Attached is a picture taken yesterday, Monday, July 21st.

It was a day of compassion and kindness.


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