Another Milestone!

2008-05-28:Today marks another milestone in the life of our family. Our only child Michelle is graduating from High School.

Tuesday was her first day not to ride the bus to school for the school year. I was so tempted to have some fun and run into her room (after knocking of course) and say, “hurry up the bus is coming!” Just to watch her sit up straight in bed, ’cause I knew she’d be asleep. Fun thought… but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I did share the thought with her later tho’ and received a chuckle.

As it was we had a moment last Friday when I was about to drive her father to work. He said, “now, don’t miss the bus.” As soon as he finished saying that, I said, “do you realize that that is the last time you’ll have to say that to her?” I continued, “I remember when Campy (our old dog) and I waited with you to catch your first school bus to kindergarten; and now, now it’s time for the last one.” It was a neat look on Michelle’s face as I could see all of her school years flash across her memory.

We were very proud to watch her receive honors last Monday night. Outstanding Orchestra medal, and Outstanding Japanese foreign language medal. She was also awarded the “President’s Award” with a letter from President George W. Bush. She didn’t quite make it to the required 10.0 of 12.0 for top scholars of the senior class, but she was close. I’d rather stress integrity and honor than strictly grades, and we did see her making the effort.

Yes, the high school chapter is coming to a successful end! I am thankful to God that He has allowed her to not only learn educationally, but remain healthy, develop great character and a growing relationship with Him. She is truly admired by classmates and staff alike. As parents, we are so very proud!

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