Baby Jonah’s Struggle Update

Baby Jonah
Jan. 12th, from the Silverburg’s, missionaries in Bronx, New York, regarding their critically ill, new born son, Jonah.

Dear Praying Family,
I am trying to dig out from the snow.Cars are plowed in and sidewalk must be cleared. No place to put the snow, so i must carry shovels full and make a pile. Right arm won’t raise up anymore.

Val took Shakinah and went to spend the day w/Jonah. I am watching Joshy and Josiah. Jonah is still w/ us. He has not moved or been conscious since last Tuesday’s surgery. So far 3 cardiac arrest’s. The doctors did a sonogram of his brain yesterday, at his bed, not daring to move him again. They are trying to be optomistic and hope there is no permanent brain damage, but he has not reacted to pain yet. They gave him some pain med’s and changed the dressing on his wide open chest yesterday. They are hopeful that they can close him up by Friday.

Please continue to pray w/ us that they can close him up because the risk of infection is huge. Also, please pray for no brain damage and that he will wake up soon. To close him up, he must drain fluid, so please pray about blood pressure issues.
We are greatful to you for sharing our burden w/ us.
In Christ’s Love,
Marty for Val

Please keep all these things in prayer as the Silverbergs are going through this trial. It would be a special blessing if you were to leave them an encouragement by posting a comment to this post.

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