Complete your Online Marion County, INDIANA 4-H Enrollment at:
After enrolling online be sure to print, sign and mail to the address indicated BEFORE May 15th to be able to show at the county fair.
About Warren Waggers 4H Dog Club Dog Club
Our club meets Thursday eves at the Marion County Fairgrounds Exposition Hall 6:30 – 8 pm (April-June) with additional times added by club calendar.
2010 Dog Vet Forms, State Fair Forms, and other Dog Forms at:
County Fair Registration and State Fair Registration are both due July 1, 2010 at their respective places.
Marion County Dog Committee Chair: Sue Barlow: [email protected]
We focus solely on: Obedience, Showmanship, Agility, Poster and other information. We are open to all enrolled Marion County 4H members grade 3 and above.
Bring to Club:
Completed Vet Form – MUST have all required shots up to date
Your Dog – healthy, clean, and not “in season”.
He or she is your partner, so work and play with them throughout the week to have the best experiences.
Your Show Bucket/Bag should include at minimum:
Appropriate collars:
OBEDIENCE- training color (slip chain);
SHOWMANSHIP – Martingale Show Lead;
AGILITY- flat collar with NO tags.
6 Foot leather or nylon leash.
Dog Mess Kit: p/u after your dog
Training treats –
Dog water bowl
water or snacks for yourself
Yourself – be accountable to someone when you can’t make a meeting 😀
Be sure to be wearing sneakers. No flip flops, crocs or such. Safety and movement first.
Please dress casually, but modestly.
If you have any questions please contact
Waggers 4-H Dog Club ON Facebook Leader,
Ellen Spencer.

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