Big Pain with Ultimate Gain

Okay, so I really thought that surgery number thirty-nine last February would be that last one I’d need in a long time. However, at my last ortho follow-up, my doctor and I discussed the need for another minor surgery. This one would be required on my “good” (right) foot.

You see, due to all the surgeries on my left (leg, ankle, foot, fusions, staples, screws and metal rod, etc….) biomechanics make me walk oddly across my right foot. Over time my big toe started turning more to cross over my other toes and metatarsal bone started shifting position.

So this surgery required opening from above, aligning the metatarsal bone with the others, and then taking another wedge of bone from big toe bones. That’s right… with my surgeon’s talent… I will now be straightened out and fly…. um, er, … “walk” right. LOL

Surgery is over, and the healing begins. Since I am allergic to pain meds it makes it a painful process, but I have gotten great relief from the surgically placed pain block (now worn off) and some morpheine. The few pills they did give me for take home are helping for now, tho’ the itchiness is building. Eventually, the rash reaction will outweigh the benefit of the pain and I’ll stop taking it. Hopefully, I can endure for the first three worst pain days.

I am therefore back on my crutches. My good ol’ friends that help hold me up as I heal. These are the original ones I got 21 years ago when all of this started. Faithfulness is the word. If these things had an odometer on them like a vehicle, they would have tripped over the 100,000 miles mark at least 4 times. : P

However, upon leaving the hospital yesterday, I was issued a new “boot” as I have now worn out my second one to shreds. I usually resole, put on new velcro and keep going. This new boot is more hard-shell plastic so will probably last even longer w/o shredding the neoprene and velcro of the fabric. It is a more visible light gray color instead of the black that I am used to. Which means I’m gonna have a harder time disguising it. Oh well, que sera.

Thanks to my Loving God, I can still celebrate walking with Him, even when I am not walking — think about it. My soul can dance even while I am on crutches. Time to heal or is it heel? LOL

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