Car Crashes Into House

BREAKING NEWS — Indianapolis Eastside….
in the 7200 block of Pleasant Run Parkway. VERY near where I live. At about 10:30 p.m. I noticed some flashing lights of emergency vehicles in our backyard and apparently very near the front of a neighbor who has a child with health concerns. From the upstairs bathroom I had a better view as I noticed the two fire trucks, and rescue vehicle were moving slowly down the block. This didn’t make sense. They had appeared to be in front of one house for quite a while, but now they were moving! So it couldn’t be a fire or home rescue.

The other odd thing, along with the policemen who were arriving, there must have been a dozen or so neighbors milling about. Standing at the edges of their lawns, sidewalks or drives and looking up and down the street. There were several people shining flashlights along the side of the road, sidewalk and into some lawn edges. From where I stood, I could see one neighbor and he son paying quite a bit of attention to something large lying in the road near the far curb. But it was too dark to see very well, I could just make out it’s size from the flashlights beams dancing across it. Several different people acknowledged this thing lying in the street but kept a respectful distance from it. What was it? Was that a body?

Since the neighbor and his son were going over to the house of my newer neighbor friends, I decided that a real investigation was in order. I put on my shoes and headed to David and Ann’s house (not their real names).

This is what I discovered:
David and Ann had been watching T.V. in their living room when they heard a racing car and a very loud “BOOM”. Ann said that it sounded like a blowing transformer only multiple times louder like an explosion. They both jumped up out of their chairs and ran through their front door that was only about 10 feet from the couch. As they emerged out onto their front yard they could see the car it had come to crash into a house at the other end of the block!!

See the satellite photo with markers:

Neighborhood Crash Map
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This is what is surmised at this time: (see the photo with numbers)

[1] The boulder rock at the edge of David and Ann’s front yard was struck by the speeding car which was reportedly driven by a young man with a young woman. Although David and Ann did not see the young people, someone reportedly saw them run from the scene.

Left in the Lawn
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[2] There was a piece of the car at the edge of their yard (it looks like a piece of bumper or undercarriage). David and Ann’s boulder rock was yards east and across the road near the far curb [3]. It was this boulder that I had seen from the distance lying in the road.

As I walked with my camera along the north sidewalk, I noticed a good deal of wire that appeared to be either telephone wiring or some kind of cable broken and lying along almost the entire walkway as I went down to where the police activity was happening at the far end of the block. There was a teal colored car [4] with its passenger front end crashed into the brick of a house where a state trouper lives!

I stayed on the far side of the road and took a few photos though it was dark and rainy and my camera is not of professional quality. I did my best to hopefully document some neighborhood news. As I was taking photos Channel 13 local TV news trucks were arriving and setting up. I could smell the faint odor of gas and there was a gas utility truck in the area, but there appeared to be no real danger.

As I was body-tripodding my camera shots, another car drove up and the gray headed woman started talking with me. She said that this crashed car was her son’s. He was at his apartment right now and told her that he had been hit on the head and someone took off with his car. She asked me if it would be able to be driven away. I told her, that it looked too smashed into the house to be able to drive. She got a cell phone call and started to get into her car, so I ran to the group of officers saying “officer, quickly, that lady over there says she is the driver’s mother and she’s getting ready to take off.” Two officers went straight to her, and another listened to what I had to report. He chuckled when I repeated the part about the son claiming to be hit over the head. “I am sure that’s not the first time you’ve heard that one,” I said to him, as he laughed and nodded.

I then asked that officer if I might get some closer photos. He then asked if I were a reporter. I said that I do some neighborhood reporting with but that I live nearby and just want to get a few pictures. He told me that since any photo I took may be evidence he didn’t want me taking any more photos. I told him that I would gladly hand over anything I took, but sadly I would comply.

Luckily, I had already taken some photos, though the darkness and all the lights reflecting off the rain hindered my photographic abilities. At least I have a couple of shots to prove that I was there. Maybe I’ll even scoop the Indianapolis Star. LOL

These unusual events in our neighborhood brought to mind how very important it is to stay in touch with your neighbors. God tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves. I was truly concerned for the safety of not just my own family, but many of the others who live around me. It was refreshing to see, that even as people were settling down for sleep, they came out of their homes and checked on one another. At a time when many news venues report on the selfishness and hardness of so many people, it was heartening to witness people in my neighborhood who haven’t forgot how to be neighborly.

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