Day 4 of Faith Hope and Love Week

Merlin reports –– We started the day at New Beginning Ministries (Urban Area) and were joined by Weeks of Hope youth. They worked on the McCord Park project, weeding, gardening, picking up trash, handing out flyers, etc.

I went to visit the Carmel-Westfield area. Their main project is the Diabetes Foundation Camp in Noblesville. God had provided this group way more than they expected. They worked on a ditch that was causing erosion. 2 businessmen who own a construction company brought their heavy equipment, some employees and supplies. One of the main construction companies that digs quarries provided the crushed stones needed. They also painted, cleaned, trimmed trees, etc. for the camp.

Prayer Trailer ministered to many Hispanics today.

Steve Sjogren spoke at Greenwood Christian Church. He is a down to earth person and a humorous speaker. Lots of wisdom in his talk.

God bless,


Photo —Orvil Tucker, Host at New Beginning Ministries during FHL Week by IndyChristian

Photo — Steve Sjogren Servant Evangelist, speaker, author by Ellen5e

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