Drained and Resting

Our little friend Jonah is showing some signs of improvement! I hope you are as blessed by these reports as I am. It is such a lovely thing to enter into the fellowship of prayer. No wonder it is often spoken of as a sweet aroma to God’s nostrils.

Here is today’s note from the Silverbergs:

Dear Praying Friends,
PTL, it seems that Jonah is making small progress. Three drainage tubes were taken out of his chest yesterday, with some minor damage to his insides. He remains somewhat stable, still on the ventilator and feeding tube. He is mostly unconscious. No other major heart or blood pressure problems. We hope and trust the little guy is healing. He’s been thru quite an ordeal. Jonah is now 22 days old.
Please continue to pray with us and for us.

In Christ’s Love,
Marty for Val

I am going to pray that Jonah’s body will continue to normalize in relation to his heart and that the entire family can REST for a bit in the surpassing peace that only God can give! Surely, little Jonah’s battle has been and is being a powerful testimony to not only to the unsaved, but slso as an encouragement to those of us who so often fail to see the many blessings that God favors us with every moment!

May we make each and every moment be filled with thanksgiving for all that God is!!

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