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There has been an important change regarding Baby Jonah’s surgery today. His operation is going to be much more invasive as the surgeons are going to explore his insides to assess his organs while also getting a method established for his food to stay down.

Here is the note from the Silverbergs:

Thu, 17 Feb 2011
Dear Praying Family,
The situation has changed. Jonah will be having exploratory surgery today. They will open up the stomach area to see what is causing the problem as he cannot eat and keep the food down. They will look for constrictions and obstructions. They will look to see where his liver is and search again for his spleen.If all goes well, they will insert a feeding tube in his stomach.That means an opening in the abdomen and in the stomach. We are very concerned for bleeding, infection, and overall stress. Please pray that he will not have another cardiac arrest. This is a lot for this little baby. Jonah is 51 days old today. We are all not doing that well.  Thank you for your prayers.
In Christ’s Love,
Marty for Val

This poor baby; His tiny little body has already been through so much. Let us pray that this surgery will yield a better undrstanding of his needs as well as be successful in establishing a good method of nourishment. May the stress of the surgery & risk of infection be kept from impacting his recovery, all to God’s glory!

This dear family; they’ve had there heart’s torn as they watch their baby suffer such major trials. Torn between their children at home who want their baby brother home and well. The uncertainties of what will be discovered by today’s operation probably weighs very heavily on them right now!

So I ask you to join me in entering into this situation through prayer. That there is great hope beyond the trials. That we together may enter into the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings as brothers and sisters who are drawn more intimately into relationship with our Lord and Savior and His Body. Knowing that James 1:12 is true; there is a crown set aside in the future for those who endure.

Finally, may the peace that surpasses all we can even ask for be upon this dear family as we surround them with our prayers with the heart of God.

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