Foreign Accent Syndrome – observe and report

It’s with great passion that I seek to assemble news and reports on Foreign Accent Syndrome. Since I first acquired it in May 2009, I have been astounded at how little information there is on this medical condition. Because it is an extremely rare condition (with between 50-100 cases worldwide — ever); it is even harder to find information about FAS. It is even MORE difficult to find “quality” reporting on it. So when I find it, I want to share it!  Perhaps those who come along behind me with a brand new occurrence of FAS, will have somewhere to obtain real, useful information amongst all the cynical, critical and downright nasty comments that some have put out.

A PERSONAL BLOG –Even though I had read this blog post some time ago, I believe that it is so nicely done that I thought I’d share it here. Notice how the author, Arthur Greenblatt, does such a nice job of incorporating the news of the day with an event in his own personal life: 1) the facts are clearly stated. 2) Although there is an outside article as an anchor to his post, he has cited the source, date, publication and author 3) The source he used presents a lot of foundational information on Foreign Accent Syndrome.

I will give the link to his personal blog post here >>> Arthur’s Days Blog post on FAS

A VIDEO ==Above is a video of Ms. Robin Jenks Vanderlip describing the challenges in her life and speech after suffering a head injuryin 2007 that  resulted in what doctors call Foreign Accent Syndrome. Vanderlip, a Pennsylvania native, speaks with what sounds like a Russian accent. (this comes from the same Washington Post article cited below).  SEE how much actually watching and hearing for yourself adds to the authenticity of the post?!

AN EXCELLENT ARTICLE –The Article, Fairfax Woman Developed Russian Accent After Head Injury, By Brigid Schulte. Washington Post Staff Writer, Sunday, May 30, 2010 is excellent at presenting facts in an interesting personal approach without sensationalism. Here is why I believe it is A+ Article:

A) The History of Foreign Accent Syndrome

B) Individual Cases of Foreign Accent Syndrome

C) Some noticeable distinctive features of the pronunciations and differences with Foreign Accent Syndrome

D) Names, at least one sufferer and one researcher/doctor plus many other examples of cases where names are not given, but features are.

E) The PERSONAL experience of sufferer being further harmed by public pundits statements and the added poor public opinion that such generates.

All of these together, make me wish to extend a “heroin of journalism for the sake of the sufferer” award to Ms. Schulte. This is one example of effective, well done journalism that I wish to continue to broadcast!

Since 2009 I have been amassing numerous articles and tried to contact fellow FAS sufferers. There is now a group of us who are in contact from around the world who are there to support one another in the unique challenges that arise with speaking all the time in a foreign accented voice with which we were neither born nor able to change back.

Perhaps Mr. Schulte or some other journalist of such skill will take another look at the newer cases and any new research being done with this very rare condition that seems to be less rare now as more and more cases are emerging. The first step toward fighting ignorance is GOOD reporting. Plus, there is something that makes it all the more effective when reporting about Foreign Accent Syndrome is done to show the personal side of the story!


What do you think about this post?  Your opinion matters! What you think and ask can help us all make new discoveries, so please feel free to add a comment or question below. Thanks.

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  1. I have fas, Mine started in 2009, also, It would come and go, It was Oct. 10, 2010, that i notice that it was getting worse
    My doctor told me not to worry about it, That is was Just the Bell’s Palsey that I had and the Accent would go away when I get over the Bell’s Palsey.
    Today is Feb.4th.2014 and now it is worser than ever, People ask me all of the time where are You from, One lady me if I could please English, Some ask me to slow down when I am talking, My kids ask me if it hurts, and some off my children don’t call any more, they just tex and email.
    I would just like to wake up one day and this accent will be gone.

    1. Molly? I am guessing your name. Where do you live? I would like to help you with some support and understanding. On Facebook I am Ellen Spencer (maybe also says Ellen5e or Ellen (Noonan) Spencer from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA (Eastern Time = world time -5 hours)—-Do you have FaceBook? If so would you kindly send me a private message and FRIEND REQUEST and then after I accept I will privately email you, so that I may find a time to call, Skype or in some other way make face to face contact with you. Believe me, I understand AND there are others of us out here 🙂 I am VERY pleased to meet you and look forward to

    2. Hi Jean… Ellen here with FAS… I was looking through old contacts and emails and realized we never got to talk. Are you still experiencing manifestation of Foreign Accent Syndrome? Or did it go away with betterment of Bells Palsy?

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