Friends: Angels in the flesh

This is a good opportunity for me to express my thankfulness for  really good friends of such calibur that they can best be described as angels in the flesh.

One such friend is Alex Conner. Just tonight he used a video conference call to help me set up my site that I’ve wanted to get going for over a year now. Alex is a very talented Indy Christian Geek who really knows all the bells and whistles of the computer programming and code world. But more than just an extremely technologically gifted young man, he is a guy who treats others with the convictions of a true Christ-follower. He makes the extremely above my head concepts of attempting to understand the workings of a computer much more understandable. He definitely is gifted with super-human patience and a unique ability to explain things in a way that a person can grasp the meaning without feeling talked down to.

I went from having a somewhat depressing day of rain and frustrations, to actually being able to get something very substantial done… or at least a lot further along in its development. This is because of sacrificing of time for my benefit by one of my personal angels. Thanks Alex!! You are my angel for the day… probably much more like a week or month.

I encourage you to learn more about my friend Alex Conner- you can visit his website at

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