God of Power; God of Details

I just received an update from the Silverbergs regarding Baby Jonah’s continued struggle in critical care. They have very specific needs and I am thankful that this update is succinct and specific as to how we can pray for them. As the world focuses on this mornings devastating 8.9 earthquake off Japan and the ensuing Pacific Tsunami (I will be doing another post on that after supper), please also remember the Silverberg family in your prayers.

Dear Praying Family,
” The Lord’s Mercies are New Every Morning”
Thank you so very much for your love, prayers and support.
Jonah had another crisis on Wed
He had a virus and very high fever.
Valerie said he had thew RSV virus, caught from human contact.
The doctors could not control the fever. His heart rate was over 200 beats/ min.
for most of the day. The doctors and nurses worked feverishly over him.
Valerie told me as she watched, she was afraid he was dying, and the Doctors
couldn’t stop it from happening.
Well. Praise to the Lord, he began to come around and do better.
Val spent the night again at the hospital on Wed.
Jonah is not well but doing a little better.
We are still seeking help w/ someone to stay w/ Jonah when Val is not there.
We are also looking for the right person to hire for some nights w/ Jonah.
We are very thankful for the young women who did this to help us for 2 1/2 weeks.
Naomi was a huge blessing. How wonderful for her Family and Church to allow her to come
all the way from upstate NYand stay for that time. She asked for nothing in return. Only to
be a blessing.
It has now been over 2 weeks since she had to leave.
Also, we are praying for someone who can help on a regular basis  w/ our 3 children, form 2-9 PM,
like 5 days a week. Or a part of that time or days. We need some continued regularity  for the
childrens’ sake.
Josh is a handful, so the situation needs to be appropriate, as I will be home some of that time.
When Jonah comes home, we will still need the help.
If we lived by the Church, some folks would help. We live several neighborhoods away, and no one
in the Church has a vehicle. We also live by a different subway line.
Please pray w/ us for the Lord to provide the above mentioned help.
Thank you again, so very much for being there for us to rest our burdens on.
We love you very much,
In Christ’s Love,
Marty for Val
The God who can keep all the powers of the giant waves or quaking of the earth from completely anhilating all life in the Pacific this last fifteen hours is also concerned about the details of who can sit bedside with a tiny baby in the Bronx. There is nothing outside of our Sovereign’s sight and care!

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