Good Friday Poem

Looking at the Cross

A poem for Good Friday by Ellen5e

As I look up at the cross I see,
The Guiltless Lamb who died for me.
I see the thorns that adds to the pain,
In the form of a crown. His born for my gain.

It is hard to look upon those stripes
so bloody & wide, deep & thin,
Not that they were undeserved,
but just payment for MY sin.

So how is it that Jesus is up there,
while I remain unscathed?
Because of what He Himself has said…
“There is NO OTHER WAY”!

The sky grew dark, the thunder rolled,
the very earth shook;  rock and stone,
The penalty paid;  “It is Finished” crossed His lips,
and the furious wrath of God was shown.

Indeed the innermost veil of the temple
was torn by God above,
Not only was God’s wrath poured out
But Grace,  such undeserving Love.

God was supplying His very own Son.
Jesus came as both sacrifice and priest;
that we might be reconciled to God,
and partake in the Passover Feast.

Don’t you see what’s been done here?
What a great price has been paid!
When all the sins of the world,
were upon Jesus Christ laid.

And He willingly bore them,
out of His perfecting love,
that we might be with Him
forever and in eternity above.


Please join me Dear Friend in honoring what took place on this Good Friday!
He who was without sin became sin for us so that we might become the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ our Lord!

Blessing and Honor and Glory to the Lamb who was slain, forever and ever- Amen.

©2011E5e attribution rights reserved

8 Replies to “Good Friday Poem”

  1. hi, good morning. I am preparing a homily for this coming Sunday (March 18, 2012). The gospel is taken from John 3:14-21.Thank you for this inspire poem.
    May God bless You

    1. I am happy that you not only liked the poem, but took the time to share that fact with me. May God bless you as well. This is my very favorite season of all. Death where is thy victory? Jesus, paid it all… all to Him I owe!

  2. Good morning,

    I give you Christian Love and Blessings.

    I have just read your poem.

    May i be so bold as to say it is the top of my list of Easter Poems.

    I was many years ago given a set of Poems by Mike Shepherd, a Baptist Minister in wales.

    They were even to me by a man who was very nasty to me when I visited his company: I was an auditor.

    He, many months later saw “The Fish” on the rear window of my vehicle and asked if I was a Christian. To which I replied that I am a Christian Lay-Preacher.

    The set of book were his way of saying sorry to me.

    Your Poem will be sitting on top of those books from now on.

    Bless You Young Lady.

    1. Thank you for the very kind and affirming words of blessing. The passion in the poem arises from my passion for our Savior. His sacrifice for our sakes serves as a reminder that true love takes sacrifice which can be ugly and costly, but in the end has a way of bringing a glorious new beginning. Thank you so much for taking the time to write. May God give us the strength and boldness to live out our convictions among those who oppose. His power + our obedience = greatest good. <3

  3. Good afternoon.

    Once again I find your poem has hit the centre of my being.

    The second verse really has made me think and realise just what I owe Christ AND how I must hurt Him every time I do wrong.

    Once again I send you Christian Love and Blessings, young lady, from the bottom of my heart.

    Your in Christ


  4. Hello, I would like to ask permission to use your poem on our christian website. If I may, i promise i’ll put your name as the author to give credits to your writing.

    1. you’re most welcome to use the poem. Have a blessed Holy Week. May the power that blew the stone away from the tomb, be the same power that equips you to accomplish the Good Work of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Be Blessed and a Blessing, Ellen

      1. Good afternoon ellen5e

        I hope you are fit and well and enjoying life to the full.

        I must admit your email did flumex me for a few moments then I remembered your poem, Looking at the Cross.

        I think we, as Chrisitians, are in for a very testing time ahead, especially with lucifer feeding the terrorists and working so hard to cause as much death and destruction as possible.

        It is a time when we will be asked, “Where is Christ in all this?”

        My reply is, “He is there with the suffering, right in the middle of it all!”

        Perhaps for many this is not enough especially when they have lost someone dear to them. However, I will stand up for what I know is the Truth as given to us by Almighty God through Christ.

        I will not budge.

        I wish you a Very Peaceful and Joyous Easter young lady.

        Christian Love and Blessings to you and your family and friends.

        Yours inChrist


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