Heaven’s New Tenant

Today I learned of a dear friends sudden homegoing. Although we are both strong Christian sisters, I find it very difficult to do other work today. Therefore, I write this blog entry in her memory.

Okay… so the tears are flowing! I feel the sorrow of knowing I won’t hear “you look like such a cute little ol’baby doll” in that sweet southern drawl when we speak together at the UBCafe every Saturday. I cry in remembrance as I am hearing her voice, feeling her soft “Palmolive” dish-washing hands, and teasing her to smile for the camera.

Marie was one of the reason’s I enjoyed going to the Unleavened Bread Cafe for Ask Anything Saturday ministry. I could get pretty busy doing things with other people, but would never miss the opportunity to connect with her each time.

Since Ms. Marie was the main dishwasher at the UBCafe, I would sometimes take my dishes straight back to where she was working behind the kitchen. Then I could hug her from the back while she was elbow deep in dishwater. She would flash me that beautiful smile that she hid from the camera. Yes, the ivories were crooked, but they were as bright as diamonds, and I regret having not been able to catch that genuine smile on film.

Ms. Marie could be a playful imp from time to time. I know that one of our favorite “games” was trying to keep Neil Cox’s half-emptied coffee cup from being escorted back to the dishroom along with other dirty dishes that Marie collected. She made us laugh when she got into that “you better not turn your back or that dish is ‘mine'” mood.

I sure am going to miss my beloved Miss Marie… the hole in my selfish heart is oozing pain. Evenso, I rejoice to know that my sweet Miss Marie is going to be there to party with me in the sky when the trump sounds and we meet our Savior in the air along with all the other saints! And we will be singing praises to our LORD and Savior forever, and ever. AMEN!

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