“Hello It’s Me”

Tuesday was another interview time with WIBC 93.1 FM radio friends Terri Stacey and Big Joe Stayzniak. I’m in a regular spot on Tuesdays at 7:45 a.m. for now. I am attaching the mp3 so that you may here the interview.


For those friends who do not have the bandwidth to listen to the interview (and you know who you are) here is a brief outline.

In the previous week’s time:

I saw a brand new doctor/neurologist who said “why are you here?” and who had never heard of Foreign Accent Syndrome before. Having never heard my unaccented voice, he didn’t notice the significance of such a drastic voice change.

I have been scheduled for an EEG test for the 12th.

We talked in the interview about how very many people hear me and ask “Where are you from?” and my standard answer is “Where do you THINK I am from? We are taking a vote and I’d really like to know what you think?”

Then I gave Terri and Joe the real wonderful news: my singing voice IS my voice.  In other words, after having talked for a while in my accent voice I am getting a bit depressed about this not being MY voice. However, God has given me a gift; He has left me a bit of comfort. When I cannot stand it anymore all I need to do is SING. I then gave a sample of my singing “You are my Sunshine”…. Terri noticed it right away. “Wait a minute Ellen!! That is YOUR singing voice!!” I replied “Yes, that IS my voice… my real voice”,  So God has given me the ability to sing in my REAL voice. : )

The interviewers made some kind comments about my singing voice. “Maybe God wants you to sing more.” They also commented on my positive attitude and said we’d talk again next week at the same time if it’s okay.

My answer?  “Yah Shuuuure”

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