Hope for Jonah

It has been a rough week praying for baby Jonah and family after receiving word that the doctors believed he was going to pass away due to his body not being able to get enough oxygen on its own. Although I prayed for a miracle, the later it got in the week without any news, the more I must admit that I was afraid to get the email that said Jonah had passed on. Oh, shame on my lack of faith for God delivered good news!

Here is the update from the Silverbergs:

Dear Praying Family,
The head surgeon met with his team and believes that the fatal prognosis is premature. He believes that what was seen on the tests may just be the scar tissue from the surgically attached pulmonary veins.We are thankful to the Lord. We believe the many prayers have made a big difference. Thank you so very much.
The surgeon also believes that the large stent placed into the aorta is delivering to much blood to the lungs. Remember, Jonah has only one pumping chamber, so blood is delivered to the body and the lungs from the same place. They are now giving Jonah medication to increase his heart output. Surgery was considered and ruled out, for now. They are also overfeeding him to try to get him to grow. A trach tube is also being considered. For now, there is continued life. We are happy and relieved. There are still many problems that must be overcome if he is to live. Our visit to Woodlawn Cemetery is now off the”to do”list for today.
Last week was a very rough week for us.We are so thankful to you for your prayers. I have not been able to e-mail many of our supporting churches, as when I searched for an e- mail address, I could not find one for many of our supporting churches, other had changed, and we don’t know to what, others had mail returned as undeliverable. Could you please get the word out to your church that we need the e- mail address, as we covet the prayers of our supporting churches. Right now, I simply do not have the time to be on the phone, esp. for many phone calls. My priority is the Lord, my family, and the ministry.
In Christ’s Love,
Marty for Val

So, friends this is great news! The fact that there is such a promising prognosis following a formerly grim one brought to my mind the following thoughts. “God will make a way where there seems to be no way.” It reminds me that God specializes in the impossible!

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