Hope is Springing Forth for Baby Jonah

Here is an update on Baby Jonah still fighting  against so many health trials. If you have not been one of those regularly following the story of baby Jonah and the Silverberg family, you can just search on this site for “baby Jonah” and you can read all that the Lord is doing and the specific prayers that are ongoing as well as those that have been answered in mighty ways.

As of April 5th…2011

Dear Praying Family,
We are ever so greatful to you all for your prayers for us and our baby.
We went thru some dark days, as it looked again that we would lose Jonah,
but God has answered our prayers once again.
Jonah is still running a fever, but is mildly improving.
There is talk of possibly releasing him to a rehab hospital in Westchester,
in possibly as little as a month, or as long as 6 months.
We look forward to this, yet the challenge of having Jonah an hour away, instead of a few minutes
is one we have no idea how to work out logistically with considerations of the entire families needs.
We are still completely on our own in regards to staying w/ Jonah at the hospital and caring for our
other 3 children.
This has been a most difficult and challenging time in our lives.
The Lord has supplied us w/ strength, although at times it seems we are not able to rise to the callenges,
but God is with us.
Thank you so much for your continued prayers for Jonah’s recovery and for our family.
Jonah is 14 weeks old today. He is still in ICU.
In Christ’s love,
Marty for Val Silverberg

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