Interview No. 8

It has been a while since I last posted. Why?? Well, I’ve been incredibly busy with 4-H Dog Obedience and especially agility. I am a leader and am the coordinator for the Marion County 4-H Dog Agility Show at the Marion County Fair. So I was living and breathing fair preparation for the last 3 weeks of July.

However, I did continue to go to speech therapy in order to attempt to correnct my Foreign Accent Syndrome speech.  Just recently they have increased the frequency of the sessions, so I hope to improve even faster.

Here is the radio interview I had with Terri Stacey on WIBC radio 93.1 FM in Indianapolis on Tuesday, August 4th.

Click here >>2009.0804 WIBC.08 SMALL to listen to radio interview no. 8.

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