It Takes Time

Dear Friends.

Let me just say that I never dreamed it would take this much time to get out some video of FHL 2008. It has been quite and adventure.

My poor home computer was bogged down already and then I’ve been working it even harder. Time out for some reorganization. At last, I rearranged software programs and made way for offloading video. Now, where to put it so that all of you can see it? An external harddrive for the offloaded video. So do I just post the “clips” or is it better to create “movies”?

Before I could do either I had to offload from dv tape to the computer. Then cut apart the different clips and catalog. Labeling was even more difficult since I was not provided with individual names or affiliations.

So I am going to post some parts on the Youtube and it will show up in the viewer below. I will get more creative with movies as I get more detailed information on the clips so that I can accurately credit them.

Thank you all for your patience. I promise I have spent hours, all-nighters and days trying to get this together for you.

With the limitations as to software and advanced editing equipment, it just takes time and LOTS of it. I hope that you will find it worth the wait.

Since “Patience” is one of the fruits of the Spirit… I cannot wait for the harvest (pun was intended).

Blessings, Ellen5e

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