Laugh…or cry: “IN_security” is Scary Funny

Homer Simpson created by Matt Groening.

INsecurity is scary funny.  In other words, it is scary how utterly stupid some of todays so-called “security procedures” are sometimes so off-base when it comes to trying to keep the population a safe place.


This true story from a friend of mine is one perfect example:

“Visit  to the City County Building was exciting. Made it through security only to have the guard shout ‘Ma’m!! Come back!! Do you have a manicure set in your purse?’ I have no idea but sure enough I find one. He then tells me he can’t let me keep it. Ok that’s fine. Then the female guard tells him I have pepper spray too. I don’t. I do have an inhaler. I asked if he wanted that too. He said no. Then I ask him how to get to the firearms office so I can get my gun permit”

This goes into my file of examples of foolishness that everyday citizens come across much too often. Not that there are security measures because prudence calls for those. Rather, that there seem to be some absurd and incongruently applied  limits to personal freedoms vs. restricted personal possessions.

Perhaps these “security measures” are a social experiment to see if we will see a rise in the general population walking around with long, dangling hangnails, sagging pants without belts and scuttling about in glorified house-slippers?

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