Make the Moments Count

I just have to blog about a tragic accident suffered by the family of well-known Christian Music artist Steven Curtis Chapman I just heard about. His youngest of six chilren, 5-year-old Maria was accidentally struck and killed in the families driveway by one of the older teenage brothers! I not only pray for the entire family, but a special prayer for the young man who was driving the vehicle. Lord, please don’t allow Satan to use guilt and blame on him. For God, we KNOW that you have control over ALL things. Little Maria was on this earth for a short time, but had a profound impact while here. She was instrumental in her father’s writing a powerful song “Cinderella” which reminds all of us to not rush through the raising up of our children. She has undoubtedly given the Chapman’s many hours of laughter and memories.

Please join me in upholding the family during this time of profound loss. May God’s comfort shine through them, may the general public give them space to grieve and just support one another. Above all may God be glorified and His purposes be accomplished in a way that even the atheist cannot ignore.

Here is a link to the video “Cinderella” by Steven Curtis Chapman, written only about w years ago… be sure to listen to the story at the end about the story behind the song.


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