Need A Job

I am currently customizing my resume’s to potential employment jobs. Using my graphics, design and communication skills has been used as I can help others, but more out of volunteer and learning/teaching rather than pay. And only as my Chronic Fatigue lets me. If my body shuts down, there simply is nothing I can do to keep it going.

There is one medication that I can take to help with energy… only one, non-generic, incredibly expensive medication. It is TOO expensive. So it’s a catch 22. I need the medication, to be able to have enough energy to do a job to make money. Aaaah!

So freelancing is the only way I can make a living. Or having someone give me job assignments with an upcoming deadline that I can work toward on a flexible schedule. I am pretty well set up at home to do a variety of work on the computer/internet. I just need to get paid for it and then a steady inflow. That’s an area of prayer that continues.

I know there is some way that I can earn money from home office working, but am very leary of all the WORK at HOME ads out on the web. There are way too many scams. It seems the only way to know if an offer/business is reputable is to research it through the Better Business Bureau or Chambers of Commerce and both of those take a lot of time. Plus the disreputable scammers are always closing up quickly so they are harder to catch. Plus, just because there is not a report at the Better Business Bureau doesn’t mean that there is not fraud going on; just that they haven’t been reported… yet.

The best way to get a job will be from a personal referral. Fortunately for me, all my volunteer work and growing connections on the internet are building out a good job-seeking network. But, I am trusting on my friends to help me get good solid leads. I have gifts and talents, but I just need opportunity. I need someone, or company to believe in me and help me to help them.

If there is anyone that you think could use me as a worker for a fair wage, please let me know won’t you? Thanks!

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