Needing to Breathe

Hello friends, I just received word from the Silverburgs that baby Jonah is having difficulties breathing. Here is their update:

Dear Praying Family,   Thank you again so very much for your faithful prayers on this long and difficult journey.  Jonah could not breathe sufficiently on his own yesterday, so he was not taken off the ventilator. When it was turned off, his CO2 levels rose significantly, so he was left on the machine. He was also throwing up. There is now some question as to whether he will ever be able to breathe on his own.Talk of a tracheotomy as well. Please pray that he will be able to breathe without the aid of a machine.Overall, we are thankful he is alive. We hope and pray for things to get easier for him soon. Thank you again.

In Christ’s love,
Marty for Val

I am praying that this little fellows lungs will grow strong enough to get off of the machine for good and that his vomiting subsides quickly. The longer he is tied to the machine, the harder it will be to wean him off of it.

Also, I am praying for Baby Jonah’s family… they have been on this long roller-coaster of ups and downs, the siblings and the parents having to be separated from him in these early weeks of his life is a great burden on them all.

It would be especially beneficial if you would take a moment and “comment” encouragement to them. We are the Body of Christ and called to love one another. If there is a word that you feel lead to give them, this would be a good place to do so.

For me… I tend to draw my strength from music and especially Christian music. And as a visual artist I also think in pictures. Right now, Dear Marty and Val… I visualize little Baby Jonah being held close by Jesus  and you with Him at his side singing “Jesus, Jesus, Lord to me; Master, Savior, Prince of Peace; Ruler of my heart today, Jesus Lord to Me”. . .” and “Draw Me Close to You; never let me go…”. These two songs are some of my favorite to sing like a lullaby while rocking with a baby.

Although I wouldn’t wish such heartache through these trials, I do know that God is there with all of you. I just pray that you are comforted by His presence.

God is the Air that I breathe… and over the next few days, as I draw my breaths, I will be reminded to think of little Baby Jonah and ask God’s grace to show unto you.

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