Persevering and Prayer

First, I must tell you that this didn’t get posted sooner because of some events that curtailed my blogging for a few days. However, I want to post a little out of sequence to make sure prayer partners know what has been happening.

Here is what the Silverbergs wrote:

Dear Praying Family,
Thank you again for your Love and prayers on our behalf.
Jonah was taken off the ventilator last night. He couldn’t breathe on his own. He was put back on the ventilator. Please pray for him to be able to breathe on his own soon. We disagree w/ the decision to pull out his breathing tube so soon after a major surgery.
We wish the doctors didn’t do this. Taking out the tube and the putting back in was very stressful for Jonah. We think this will set back the recovery.
Jonah also has an infection in the stomach wound. Any infection for this little baby is extremely dangerous. Please keep praying for Jonah.
Naomi Rider, our friend and helper form Indian Lake NY will be leaving early Wed. morning. She has been a huge blessing.
Val is very concerned w/ leaving Jonah all alone every nite. We have someone we can pay a few times a week, for a little while.
Please pray for me. I have been in massive pain. I believe it is from not being able to do my rehab exercises even once a week.
Also sleep deprivation and being on my feet for so many hours every day these past 8 weeks.
Val was kind to allow me to do a quick 1 1/2 hour rehab session in the makeshift gym I set up in the basement. I usually hurt pretty bad afterward. However, I followed the workout w/ 1 1/2 hours of snow shoveling today. I did the sidewalk, the driveway, dug out our vehicles, the sidesteps for the dogs, then redug out the vehicles from ice that the plows plowed them in with, twice. Also, the neighbors put 4 foot of snow in front of my car, which must move for alternate side tomorrow, so I had to long toss that. I hurt. I believe Jonah hurts a lot worse.
Thanks so much for your prayers.
Jonah will be 8 weeks old on the 22nd.
In Christ’s Love,
Marty for Val

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