Pruning Away Worry


Worry Response

In response to the article Worry Thrives When Worship of God Dies
By Dale Porter

I whole-heartedly agree with your article. I would add that not only is worry an intigrated part of our sin nature; it is also intertwined with fear. Fear that in relinquishing control (like we even had control in the first place) we are no longer able to assure our safety and happiness because we cannot be sure that our expectations will be met.
Look at how many times in the Bible man’s fear is met with “Do not fear” being uttered by God or God’s messenger. There are even commands like “Be strong and courageous,” and “Fear not…”! How is that even possible?
God tells us the answer “perfect love casts out fear”, “I am with you always”, “If God be for me, who can be against me”? God wants to have us experience the love and peace of being His child; “My peace I give to you..”, “peace that surpasses all understanding”, “neither life, nor death, things past or present… Or ANY created thing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.” (Rom.8)
So when I feel that temptation to worry and my internal dialogue says “what about this or what about that?”, I now recognize that worry as the same as standing before God and saying “I don’t trust You”. I realize that it is sin because it is actually me (my flesh) not trusting my Lord God.
Like the first sin in the garden, I am actually asking “did God REALLY say…?” And then that serpant will hiss along to feed sinful thoughts “you can do this one yourself; you don’t need God. Besides The Almighty is too busy to be bothered with this particular menial matter”. So doubt gives rise to pride which births all the other sinful thoughts and actions: worry, jealousy, entitlement, anger, selfishness, gluttony, lust, and fear…and so many more.
All of those boil down to not only refusing to worship our Holy GOD, but it actually is defiance…sin… as we act in direct disobedience to our Creator who commanded “Thou shalt have NO OTHER gods before Me”. My pride dares to place myself as more important than God! Now, that is definitely sin.
I believe that worry arises out of our mistrust of God’s Word, truth and faithfulness. Worry particularly floats to the top of the cesspool of sun during some bad or trying circumstances in life. Not that the “Devil made me do it” (because I have the ultimate responsibility for my actions), however Satan does surely like to tempt man to act in opposition to God. The battlefield of the mind is one such place in which we Christians need to be prepared for onslaught. For whatever reason, we can doubt that God is the Sovereign and Almighty, who holds all things together and brings things about for His own glory, and also for our own good.
Therefore, it is ever important to be feeding upon and studying God’s Word; not just to have knowledge, but to actually apply those truths to our life. It is because of the truth of Scripture that we can battle those moments of doubt, worry or fear. Not a single one of those emotions is a fruit of the Spirit that God promised.
I strive to be a good farmer as I examine the orchard of my soul. With the help of the Holy Spirit (& sometimes an accountability partner), God’s Word and prayer I prune back for greater yield (having to choose between good and best). I remove the sucker vines (distractions, busyness) and discard anything that does not contribute to the production of “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control”–for these are the fruit of the Spirit.
Yes! It is true that worshipping God kills worry. Because when we have a right view of God (far greater than us, Almighty, our Creator & our Master Who loves us enough to sacrifice Jesus for us…) then we can have a right view of ourselves (nothing apart from Him: we are God’s Child who He wishes; to bring honor to Him, love and obey Him while He loves and cares for us). As the great hymn extolls “trust and obey for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus than to trust and obey.”

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