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Though the event Faith Hope and Love Week is over… the legacy goes on. We are asking for your help as we create testimonies of remembrance so that we are reminded of what our God has done for us in the past. The ways in which everyday people are used to meet the needs of their fellows through the faith, hope and love bestowed on them through Christian caring and sharing.

These stories will act as grounding in gratitude for a “foundation in faith” that we can turn to whenever we come across another hurdle. Not “if”, but “when” we reach a time when troubles seem to loom up again, we can draw on these testimonies of God’s faithfulness and provision of miracles as a source of encouragement.

Our combined testimonies make up the Faith, Hope, and Love story. And that story can teach those God directs us to help to do the same, to tell their children, now here and yet unborn, how God helped them through us. The power of the Lord can then turn generations of families around from not having faith, to possessing a surpassing faith, from being hopeless, to having hope, from feeling unloved, to knowing they are loved by our Lord and Savior, Jesus, who acts through His servants, you and I. That is the power of our written testimonies!

So as Merlin always says: “Be the Miracle for others and for your city” and ask the Lord to help you write your Faith, Hope, and Love Testimony. May God bless you for it.


Here is another testimonial regarding Faith Hope and Love Week 2008:

Thanks to ALL of you for your hard work and dedication in making this all work. The projects I visited in Noblesville, Carmel, Nora and Homeplace all were such a great testimony, as were all the projects going on all week long. FHL and you are all making an impact for Christ. I think we would all be amazed if we could really see the number of lives touched last week—the kids at the apartment complex, the single Mom, the neighbors around the park, the kids who will be blessed at the Diabetes Camp….and the list goes on….

Merlin—you are a blessing and it continues to be a privilege to know your heart for outreach and work towards that vision. Thank you for your tireless passion for FHL.” –– Lynn N.

If YOU have a story to tell about something you witnessed or experienced during Faith Hope and Love Week 2008, please send an email to [email protected] so that we may share the blessings of how God works among His people!!

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