Shine with Opened Eyes: Baby Jonah

See previous posts on Baby Jonah Silverberg be clicking links of related posts at the end of this post. Also check back here for updates as they are reported.

This morning I have good news to report.
I see (via Twitter) that Matt from Sanctus Real has not only joined in this prayer mission but has also encouraged others to pray. There are a number of people who have tweeted that they are praying now! Praise God!

Truly, it is a special blessing that prayer accomplishes God’s will; drawing us closer to God, giving of saving grace, transforming work, victory over sin and death! So divine is it when we pray.

Personally, my body has kept me physically debillitated today, but spiritually on fire. I am buried in prayer, fasting and song while my body rebels. Singing “Draw Me Close to You”, “Take My Life”… Ever, always, ALL for Thee, Open The Eyes of My Heart, Lord”. A concert of prayer is surely wafting up to Heaven from all of us who pray.

The Enemy of God cannot have victory because God is sovereign and powerful!! I am humbled by the great mercies that God shows on the weak. He redeems people that to man appear unredeemable. He takes our battles in the flesh and overcomes them by the power of His Holy Spirit.

It is very “eye opening” to know that I am actually having a greater impact at a time when human logic sees me as useless! This allows the truth of God’s Word to “open our eyes” to the fact that when things seem darkest to us, this is our time to shine His light in a dark world. Thus, we are like His stars as we allow God’s power that is within us to shine through to bring the light of His glory into a dark world.

Now, here is the latest update on Baby Jonah:

Dear Praying Family,
Jonah moved his eyes and fingers yesterday, his eyes were open for a while. The doctors are satisfied that he has sufficient brain function to go forward. We are thrilled, but cautiously, as anything can happen at any time.
We have not enjoyed this emotional roller coaster, but we are praising God. Jonah is still too swollen to close his chest. His first surgery was 9 days ago. Risk of infection remains high. Please keep praying w/ us.

If you would … Please leave a comment for the Silverbergs. They will ve able to read it and be encouraged just to know that we are praying for God to shine through this situation to save the lost & hopeless.

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    1. May God bless you for helping to lift up Baby Jonah in prayer. Thanks for leaving a comment to encourafe them at ellen5e.
      PTL Your SIC, Ellen

  1. I just wanted to encourage you by telling you about my grandson Bowen.( He also had a cardiac arrest after his surgery,his blood sugar dropped to 15 at one point and he also had a stroke. He is 4 mos. old now and he is doing soooo well. It is a miracle.There doesn’t appear to be any neurological problems with him even with all that he went through! He still has to go through more open heart surgeries to correct his defect(HLHS)but never give up hope even when it looks like there isn’t much.God is showing His mighty works through these children! I will pray for Jonah.

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