Significance of Women’s Discovery of Empty Tomb

I am not toting some womens’ liberation agenda here. Quite the opposite.

As this excellent article (written by Justin Taylor of The Gospel Coalition) points out again, the culture and its view of women at the time of the Bible’s writing had a low regard for women. Did you not notice that two men had to go to verify what the women said? I think it says a lot about how the followers of Jesus loved one another in that in Johns gospel account he RAN to the tomb.

Women were generally regarded as a subclass. In many cultures around the world today women are still seen as chattel, possessions, and servants to be seen (or hidden & NOT seen) and not heard.

Why does it matter? Just like Jesus birth, the arrival of the long-awaited Messiah, was first made known to lowly shepherds; His resurrection was revealed first to women! Did you notice that the Roman sentries (men who guarded the tomb by Roman order) were not the avenue of discovery and report. They fell asleep and otherwise left their post. I believe even that set up the lowly regarded women to be the first to experience the Resurrection joy.

Also, the fact that the stone was “rolled away” (blasted out of place, shattered to pieces or whatever) was not needed for the resurrected Christ to exit the tomb. Remember: later in the book Jesus “suddenly appears to the disciples who are locked in a room together. This is Christ we are talking about! He can walk through walls or suddenly materialize and yet eat and have his flesh touched by a doubting Thomas! The Creator of all nature is not bound by its laws! Quite to the contrary; He who created all things can wield and reshape them as He wills.

Today I delight in how God routinely uses the lowly and last to be the first to proclaim His glory and Majesty. It is a great joy to realize – the last shall be first!

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