Space Crazy

As the world celebrates today as the 4oth Anniversary of Apollo 11’s first man to land on the moon, I have slipped intoaldrin_apollo11.img_assist_custom some nostalgic thoughts. July 20, 1969:  I was 7 years old and my parents took us on our summer vacation to a provincial park in Canada where we stayed in the first cabin camping that I can remember.

On the night of the lunar landing, we kids looked up at the moon like we would be able to see the astronauts that everyone said were circling the moon and going to land on it. The thought of a man landing on the moon in the sky is hard for a little seven year old to comprehend.

We kids were sound asleep when my father came into our bedroom and carried us in our PJs to the main lodge house to watch the landing on a little black and white TV. For us young one’s any occasion that let us be awake in the middle of the night was memorable. Dad hauled us to the TV so that we could watch history happen. It was so cool.

Along with the actual event itself, was the dawning of an Apollo era of memories.  Most memorable of them was the introduction of Tang as the Space Drink and there were the famous Space Food Sticks (I preferred the peanut butter flavor). Here is a link to that Space Food Sticks.

There was also a series of rather attractive glasses that we collected by filling up the car at the local filling station. Mom collected all the set of Apollo glasses. : )  Wow, what memories.  What do you remember?

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