Sunday Day 1 – Spirit Flows

Merlin Gonzales reports:

The day started with corporate prayers. Live Worship started at 1:15pm. At 2:45pm, we sent the group to their stations at 2:45p and the Shofars were blown at 3pm. We had dozens of flag bearer and dancers who joined the walk. Each lap is preceded by the blowing of shofars. At the end of the 7 laps, shofars were blown at a higher platform of the circle. We prayed and dedicate the day to the Lord. FHL Dance Group performed flowless; the 4 prayers leaders were on fire and the worship was awesome. The Sacred Dance Group were opened up the heaves with their passionate dance. The people shouted, danced, jumped and praised God for several minutes after the dance. I was like in heaven praising God with the angels. People were stunned especially those who are by standers and the bikers along the circle.

At the end, one individual accepted the Jesus as His Lord and Savior. 2 second before the official end of the event, the rain started to pour. It was as if the Lord answered the last prayer and exhortation-I prayed that the Lord will baptize the city.

I visited the Carmel concert at the ‘Gazebo’. I read the Indiana Proclamation and prayed over the city; gave thanks and glory to the Lord. Orchard Park Presbyterian church lead the worship.

It was an event that I will never forget. The city was blessed and God opened up the heavens.

Praise the Lord!


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