Testimonials About FHL Week 2008

Here are some testimonials received this week during Faith Hope and Love Week:

Everyone was so appreciative of our time and work: and even though we weren’t able to do some of our tasks to completion, I felt that our interaction with others was more important. I could “live out” the “experience” instead of just completing a task. Thank you.
–– Tammy D. with Christus Youth Goup/Youth Work Groups

It was really fun” –– Paige D. with Oakland U.M.C.

Overall this experience was really great! I really feel that this community was blessed to have us! I know that I will continue helping. This made my faith/belief stronger with God : ) Thanks for letting us help!” –– Hannah T. with Christus Luthern Church

Even though the work was hard, it was nice to see the people happy when we were done.
–– Dana R. with Christus Youth Work Groups

Love Out Loud! This has been an awesome experience for all our youth.
–– Donna B. with Oakland Methodist Youth Group

We ALL are blessed as we share the stories of how God uses us to bless another; to meet needs where we can; to show the love of Jesus Christ to a hungry and hurting world. Thank you to all the volunteers for not only sharing your time, but actually sharing your lives with those whose lives were touched by your kindnesses this week.

Likewise, thank you to the people that we were honored to help this week. May God continue to work a good work through you, growing your faith in His provision and care for you. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share in your blessing!

If you have further testimonials, stories, or feedback regarding Faith Hope and Love Week 2008, please submit them to [email protected] and cc. to [email protected]

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