The Faith to Step Out

Day 3 of Faith Hope and Love Week was a day in which we focused on FAITH.

We gathered in the Phillips Temple for morning registration and devotions before heading out on urban FHL projects for the day.

Guest Pastor Joseph Reaves of Greater Faith House of Prayer presented the challenging message “The Faith to Step Out”. My brief notes on the sermon were:

1)See 2) Talk 3)Envision 4)Pleases God

God is in control. He does have a plan. And each of us has a part to fulfill; a purpose.

First you see something, then you say something, then you Do something . . . this is what pleases God. Do we take notice? See things as God sees them? And when we do see… do we speak up or out? Then do we envision the solution? Do we step up to the plate and lead? By taking notice; taking a stand; and doing something to better the situation… stepping out in faith… we are pleasing God.

Minister Dian Foreman said…
Today was my first experience with Faith, Hope and Love Week. I originally had plans to be in Atlanta with my youth group however those plans changed unexepectantly. As I entered Phillips Temple today I was greeted by two young ladies who registered me (I will gladly pay you next Tuesday!) In the sanctuary I could hear Pastor Reeves giving a word on Faith to encourage volunteers before they ventured out. I had the opportunity to go go out with Kelly, Matt and Taylor. Our first stop was the apartment building on the corner of 34th and Meridian… We passed out a flyer to a young lady who was waiting on a gentleman to pass (I think we interfered with a transaction). She was receptive..accepted the flyer..the apartments have a courtyard and we encountered three young men who we spoke to briefly and told them about the great things going on in their community. As we left I could hear the dice hitting the ground. The walk was interesting and I prayed as we traveled. I am thankful for the opportunity to stretch and share…but I was reminded of how much work there is to do for the Kingdom.

I am reminded yet again, that though things may seem impossible, highly unlikey, simply beyond my ability to even comprehend how to even begin the process, let alone have the energy and wisdom to carry it out… despite all of this… GOD is in control! I’m just a vessel. He’s the power, the might, and the means. If I will just step out in obedience, depending not on myself, but on GOD, that is true faith. That is what pleases my Father; when I can humbly admit, I need Him, I trust Him, and I will obey Him.

Photo 1: Pastor Joseph Reaves inspires with the Word–by Ellen5e
Photo 2: Volunteers pray before departing for projects/mission work.–by IndyChristian

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