The FHL Prayer Trailer

One of the most talked about ministry projects during Faith Hope and Love week is the presence and impact of the FHL Prayer Trailer.

The 2008 prayer trailer was made available through Event Pro which was an answer to prayer in and of itself. If another group would like to look into it’s rental, they may contact [email protected]

Thanks to all who have volunteered so far for the Prayer Trailer!

Here are the Locations where the Prayer Trailer is scheduled yet to appear:
Wednesday-79th and Michigan at Tienda Morelos
Thursday, it is at 30th and Central.
Friday-10002 E 42nd St (call 898-5326 if lost) Bell Chapel

Feel free to show up if you are available and have time throughout the
week. Go ahead and call 523-0384 if you think you
can help at all. Again, the shifts are 10-1, 1-4, and 4-7, but any
time you all could help would be great and awesome!

If you feel led, please lift the trailer in prayer. Thank you all!

The prayers of the righteous man availeth much.

Volunteers pray with those who came in off the street for prayer. On this day, Tuesday, the prayer trailer was located at the corner of Rural and 10th streets in near eastside Indy. There was a steady flow of people stepping inside to the AC, praying with FHL volunteers and getting a bit to eat on their way out.

Food for the soul and the body. Blessed be the Lord!

Photo 1: Prayer Trailer at Rural and 10th in Indianapolis–by Ellen5e
Photo 2: Volunteers pray with a visitor off the street–by Ellen5e

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