Transformation of Information

This morning after doing my Bible Studies and listening to Christian radio while partaking in a nice contemplative soak in a hot bath, I had a thought. Surprise.

Do I do a good job of using information that I am bombarded with everyday, or is it just so much clutter? Am I contributing to my own confusion, effectively spinning my tires, gunning the accelerator while the engine is in neutral, rather than applying what I learn? If so, my personal lack of discipline can work toward Satan’s goal of keeping me from being effective for Christ.

It occurred to me that I MUST apply the information I receive or there is no chance at making any change. It is tragic to waste time and energy, because it is valuable in relation to reaching others with the love of God and bringing glory to Him which is my whole purpose!

So, being visually-minded as I am, I devised a VISUAL ANALOGY sticker to remind me of applying what is valuable and discarding the rest.

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