Silencing Unwanted & Unknown Caller

In the middle of praise team practice, as I am cooking dinner and then again as I am in the middle of a nice conversation with my husband I am interrupted by my cell phone unexpectedly going off. I looked at the number because our daughter was at college at the time. It was the same 800 number that has been pestering me the last few days.

Twice I have thought, “It’s an 800 number so it must be important from a business connection” and I attempted to answer it with a ‘Hello’. But there was only silence on the other end. I tried a couple of times to say ‘hello’ in case it is was a poor connection, then hung up. The next day the same thing had happened. After the third day, I had reached a point of action. What could I do about this?

So I conducted a web search of the 800 number and found that I am not the only one having this problem with this particular phone number. In fact many people are having the exact same problem and are worried that maybe someone is trying to ‘slam’ them when they don’t get a response from the other end of the line. There is fear that someone may be stealing your phone number and trying to use it elsewhere without your knowledge.

One commenter on a message board had a very good link to register with the National Do Not Call List. Although I had previously done this with our home phone, I was uncertain if I had done so with my cell, so I registered all three family phones. So I am going to STOP THE HARASSMENT NOW and share the opportunity with you.

Here it is the link Register for National Do Not Call List.

To this particular pestering predator I say “Don’t call me… and I won’t call you!”

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